Hello there. My name is Mitchell and the owner of this user name/account, Mitchell00. I haven't been here in a very long time, but I have now returned and being the huge Mega Man fan that I am, I intend to recreate some of my fan stuff and maybe help around at the Mega Man Knowledge Base a little bit. I know quite a lot about Mega Man and am even currently in the work of two fan games, however articles on said games will not come out until I have proof of actual development of the game. The two games I am working on are Mega Man Battlefront Online and a remake/sequel of the original Mega Man game. You'll see.

General Fanstuff

  • Quint Emails - An inactive email show based on Quint, the reprogrammed version of Mega Man from the future. It no longer updates mainly due to the fact I believe that emails have nothing to do with Mega Man.
  • Wiki User Emails - It is rather interesting how I created Wiki User Emails back at the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki and somehow it transferred here.
  • Megaman DX - A classic Mega Man game for the Nintendo DS, based on Zero's activation.
  • Megaman Legends 3 - A game released for the Playstation 3, and the Nintendo DS. It was released under the name "Megaman 64 2" for the Nintendo Wii. This game'll use a lot of people's fan characters I will promise to ask the owner before I put them in the game.
  • Megaman Clone Emails - My first email show. Currently unclaimed.
  • Fake Characters - Make up your own Megaman fan character, whether it's a robot, a human or even a psycho scientist.
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