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About me

Hello to all my fellow Mega Man fans! I am Moe1216 and a Mega Man fanatic and have grew up playing the game with Mega Man also being my first Video Game. I love all of the series, played every single game I could find, and always look forward to the next game to come out.

My favorite pages

Games Beaten

  • Classic Series:

I. Mega Man 1-10

II. Mega Man: The Power Battles and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

III. Mega Man V

  • X Series:

I. Mega Man X-X8

II. Mega Man Xtreme 1 & 2

III. Mega Man X: Command Mission

  • Zero Series:

I. Mega Man Zero 1-4

  • Battle Network Series:

I. Mega Man Battle Network 1-6

II. Mega Man Battle Network: Network Transmission

  • ZX Series:

I. Mega Man ZX

II. Mega Man ZX Advent

  • Star Force Series:

I. Mega Man Star Force 1-3

  • Legends Series:

I. Mega Man Legends

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