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OptimusMagnus has been aware of Mega Man for many years, but hasn't played any of the games. He first became actively interested through the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and later through the Mega Man series from Archie Comics. He likes the Classic and NT Warrior series, but hasn't had much exposure to most of the others.



While it doesn't seem to be an issue in the Classic Mega Man series, I'm not a fan of the way a number of female characters are depicted in successive Mega Man series. It's disappointing enough that the series has such an underwhelming number of female characters compared to male characters, but the fact that many of the few who are present seem to have been designed simply to give people something to ogle is quite distasteful. It's especially disappointing that the rest of the designs in many of the series are actually quite beautiful and interesting.

My Archie Comics Ideas

Mega Man ???-??? (Four Issues) Power of Evil

Following the events of the (not yet produced) Mega Man 8 adapt, Mega Man and his allies are enjoying a well-deserved break from the action. Dr. Wily's on the run, Duo's returned to space, and everything seems to be at peace. But all is not well: while the Evil Energy has been taken from earth, it's original carrier remains. Duo's former foe, Trio, has managed to repair himself, and he now has the advantage: Duo believes him to be destroyed. With the intergalactic law enforcer heading for deep space, the only things standing between Trio and Earth's annihilation are Mega Man and his fellow heroic Robot Masters! Rejoined by his estranged brother Proto Man and Quake Woman, the blue bomber prepares to face his greatest challenge yet. And with every battle threatening to be the last, will he and Quake Woman decide that their bond goes beyond friendship?

Mega Man ???-??? (Four Issues) Raining Men

In order to combat the threat of Dr. Wily, who seems to constantly produce new Robot Masters or commandeer robots created by others, DCM Industries* creates a revolutionary device known as the Robot Master Generator! Built using parts salvaged from Ra Moon, this machine is capable of creating new Robot Masters in seconds, allowing it's user to create an army of defenders for humankind. But unfortunately for Mega Man, some of Ra Moon's evil programming takes hold, unleashing a devastating force of new enemies! With the likes of Super Man, Spider Man, Bat Man, Iron Man, Aqua Man, Giant Man, Wonder Woman, Marvel Girl, and dozens of other Robot Masters threatening Mega City and the world, Mega Man and his allies will have to up their game to the next level!

  • DCM Industries is intended to represent DC and Marvel Comics, whose characters serve as inspirations for the new Robot Masters.

Mega Man ???-??? (Four Issues)

Roll to the Rescue

When Mega Man and the Light Labs Robot Masters-minus Roll-get the chance to visit the International Space Station, they jump at the chance! Unfortunately, it's all part of a setup by Dr. Wily, who sabotages the Light Labs teleportation system and cuts all communications between Earth and the station. With Mega Man and the others gone, Mega City is at his mercy-or is it? Upon realizing that her beloved brother and the other Robot Masters are in no position to help, Roll steps up to the plate! Will the now weapon equipped sister of Mega and Proto Man prove herself to be the equal of her brothers? Or will Doctor Light's daughter fall prey to Wily's machinations?

Networked for Battle

Dr. Wily, having been thwarted in his efforts to dominate the world using the Roboenza virus and forced to seal away his most powerful creation, Zero, is desperate for new ideas. Fortunately, he finds some unexpected inspiration when his experimental new computer connects with the server of Lord Wily, his counterpart from another universe. Inspired by various NetNavis who have no Robot Master counterparts in his own world, Dr. Wily creates three new sets of Robot Masters primed for battle! Eager to put them to use, he unleashes them upon the unsuspecting Earth, confident that even Mega Man cannot defeat so many new Robot Masters at once.

Recognizing that he is indeed out of his league, Mega Man turns to his closest friends and allies for help! He and the other original Robot Masters-minus Proto Man and Roll-set out to take on one set of eight Robot Masters. With Beast Man, Clock Man, Desert Man, Erase Man, Gate Man, Hat Man, Jamming Man, and Laser Man in their way, Team Mega Man will have to be on their toes! Meanwhile, Proto Man takes charge of Dr. Light's second set of Robot Masters-including Splash Woman and Hornet Man-in order to take on Blast Man, Cosmo Man, Element Man, Grid Man, Judge Man, Kendo Man, Lark Man, and Mist Man!

Last, but not least, is a ragtag team of Robot Masters led by Quake Woman and Roll, who are out to prove themselves to the boys. Joining their team are some new Robot Masters created by Wily who have gone renegade out of a desire to do good: the mighty Serenade and the gentle Meddy. They'll need all the help they can get, as they're up against King Man, Number Man, Planet Man, Ride Man, Shark Man, Thunder Man, and Video Man! But rounding out this final group of villainous Robot Masters is the most dangerous of all: a diabolical villain known only as Cache…

Mega Man ??-?? (Eight Issues) Master Wars

Dr. Wily has pulled out all the stops-in a desperate bid to destroy Mega Man once and for all, he has assembled an awe-inspiring force: every Robot Master created or designed exclusively by him! Even with both sets of Dr. Light's Robot Masters backing him up, Mega Man is dangerously outnumbered. Fortunately, he has other allies to call upon: Robot Masters previously manipulated by Wily, including the creations of Dr. Cossack! It's an all out war between sets of Robot Masters-and when even alien enemies like the mysteriously returned Stardroids are getting into the act, anything goes!

Mega Man ??-?? (Eight Issues) Prodigal Sons (and Daughter!)

It's a well known fact that many of the Robot Masters used by Dr. Wily against Mega Man were designed in partnership with Dr. Light-but with that being the case, there are a few missing! The Doctor Wily Numbers have forcefully incorporated Dr. Cossack's Robot Masters and those of other inventors, but these have never been considered part of the Doctor Light Numbers-so what units are? The answer comes to you in this special dual story arc, which introduces these long lost Robot Masters-unfortunately, they've been built to serve Wily! Introducing DLN-028 through DLN-032 (featured in the Mega Man PC games): Sonic Man, Volt Man, Dyna Man, Bit Man, Shark Man, Mist Man*, Erase Man**, and Shark Man! Then come the deadly series who preceded Splash Woman and her brothers (based on concept art for the same), Doctor Light Numbers 041-048: Cement Man, Weather Man, Ocean Man, Plasma Man, Diamond Man, Honey Woman, Sludge Man***, and Space Man! Up against sixteen long lost "siblings," can Mega Man triumph? You'll have to wait to find out, but first, a line or two from the new Robot Masters:

Weather Man: Shika Shika Kaboom! (Just a little nod to the Magic Schoolbus).

Sludge Man: Oil Man? Why am I not Oil Man? I was an oil-based Robot Master concept for like, fourteen years before that weirdo in the scarf showed up!

Tales of the Star Marshals

Since his defeat of his treacherous brother-in-arms Trio, Duo has believed himself to be the last surviving member of the Star Marshals. However, he is then stunned to receive a distress call from the only Star Marshal more highly ranked than he: Soloist*! Hoping against hope to find the leader of the Star Marshals still alive, Duo reluctantly enlists some of Earth's Robot Master to help him rescue her. However, they'll have a fight on their hands, as Soloist's signal is emanating from deep within the territory once controlled by Ra Moon-and while the alien computer, Sunstar, and the nine Stardroids named for the planets of the solar system have fallen, other threats await under the leadership of the dreaded Nemesis*! Can our heroes defeat this robotic fiend, or is Soloist doomed to remain her prisoner?

  • Original characters.

Mega Man ??-?? (Four Issues) Broken Copy

When word reaches Mega Man of a Robot Master using multiple Special Weapons on a rampage, he immediately suspects Bass-and so is stunned when he finds himself confronting a robot claiming to be Break Man! But this new user of Proto Man's old alias is no simple imitation: he has orange armor, including a copy of the Break Man helmet and Proto Man's shield, and a familiar purple scarf. A little digging reveals that this assailant is none other than a reborn Copy Robot-but you'd better not call him that to his face! Having suffered multiple defeats that he blames on being Mega Man's copy, the newly rechristened Break Man is out to make a name for himself-and if he has to destroy every Robot Master to prove it, he will!

Mega Man ??-?? (? Issues) We Are Women, Hear Us Roar!

The multi-arc Mega Man story to end all others begins now! It's a well-known fact that female Robot Masters are few and far between-out of some 85 numbers created by Drs. Light, Wily, Cossack, Lalinde, and other developers from around the world, only three-Roll, Splash Woman, and Quake Woman-are female in terms of design. And we're not even including the Stardroids, Mega Man Killers, Dimensions, Constellations, Star Marshals, or Genesis Unit! Well that ends here, as several scientists-including Japan's Makoto Aoki*-unveil several lines of female Robot Masters! Look out boys, because these girls are here to stay!

Mega Man ??-?? (Four Issues)

Look out Mega Man: a new line of Robot Masters is on the prowl! Led by the sinister Slur**, who has dark connections to Duo's past, this team of robots may be the most devastating yet! The massive Whale Man*** is the super-strong master of the seas, while twin brothers Sledge Man and Hammer Man**** are out to smash the competition! Shining Man***** seeks to prove himself even flashier than the legendary Proto Man, while Rocket Man^ and Prism Man^^ are a deadly combination of firepower and skill. But even more startling than this powerhouse lineup is the presence of a delicate female Robot Master named Silk^^^ amongst the ranks of these warriors-what could she possibly have in common with them?

  • Makoto Aoki is a character from the Mega Man NT Warrior anime-I like her design and figured I'd transplant her for this story.
    • Slur was a NetNavi, also anime exclusive, who served Duo.EXE.
      • WhaleMan.EXE is another anime exclusive NetNavi.
        • The anime NetNavis known as the Sledgehammer Brothers-the one I named Sledge Man is red while Hammer Man is the green one.
          • Another anime exclusive NetNavi.

^More of the same

^^A cooler addition, but still part of the same lineup.

^^^The final NetNavi exclusive to NT Warrior-what she has in common with the rest of them is that they're all from the anime.

Mega Man ???-??? (Four Issues) Look Doc-No Hands!

You know them, you love them, you've mocked their lack of workable appendages-but not anymore! Led by Crash Man, the Wily Numbers Without Hands are on the warpath to prove just how tough they really are! It's up to Fire Man, Drill Man, Tomahawk Man, Magma Man, and Commando Man to take on Crash Man's team of Needle Man, Spark Man, Napalm Man, and Blade Man!

Mega Man ??-?? (Four Issues) Battle of the Specials

Though he wouldn't admit it to anybody, Dr. Wily has always been secretly jealous of Dr. Light's trio of "children": Blues, Rock, and Roll. Unfortunately, the only Robot Master whose power is great enough to qualify him for such a place in Wily's heart is also his most rebellious creation, Bass. Deciding that perhaps what Bass needs is some "playmates," Wily creates two additions to the Special Wily Number series: Unit 002 Waltz* and Unit 003 Piano**! With these two lovely, but dangerous, ladies on his side, Bass has a new mission: to take out Light's trio of children. With Piano after Proto Man and Waltz targeting Mega Man, Roll is in the sights of Bass with no help in sight. Can our favorite little helper robot escape Wily's deadliest creation, or are she and her brothers doomed?

Mega Man 56-60 (Five Issues): The Terror of Dr. Cossack Issue #56: Friends No More!

Just when Dr. Light and Mega Man thought their battle for peace was over, a new foe emerges to confront them-and it's an old friend! Out of nowhere Dr. Cossack announces that he has created a new set of Robot Masters and intends to prove himself superior to Dr. Light by having them conquer the world and defeat Mega Man! Much as it pains him, Rock must take up his Mega Buster and armor yet again, this time against those whom he considered his friends! Fortunately, he's not alone, as Dr. Light has recruited some other Robot Masters to join him in battle, and he's got a new handy new support robot named Eddie!

Issue #57: A Light Gone Dark First up on Mega Man's latest fight card is none other than his old ally Bright Man! It's one of the hardest fights Mega Man has ever had, against a Robot Master he's fought alongside. Luckily, he's got Flash Man and Time Man on call to match Bright Man's time-warping powers with their own! But he's not the only foe Rock must deal with, as Dr. Cossack has dispatched the amphibious Toad Man to a hydroelectric power plant with aims at seizing its power for himself! Good thing Snake Man is eager for a new "playmate"-and even better that Spark Man is around to help keep him in line!

Issue #58: Digging Your Own Grave Mega Man goes after Drill Man, but fortunately has some backup in the form of Quake Woman and Concrete Man! Then he goes from mine to tomb to face off with the most difficult of his newest opponents: Pharaoh Man! Desperate to avoid conflict, Mega Man brings along Roll to try and convince their corrupted friend to give up and help them stop Dr. Cossack. When he refuses to see reason, however, it falls to Rock and Ice Man to take him down!

Issue #59: A Ring in the Dust Ring Man is next up, and he's ready for a showdown in space-not exactly the greatest place for Mega Man, Wood Man, or hard Man! But three honorable robots on a mission aren't about to be stopped when the fate of the world is on the line! Then it's back to Earth and a showdown with Dust Man, with Air Man and Plant Man backing him up! But while Mega Man and his allies challenge Cossack's Robot Masters, what is the recently renamed Proto Man up to? And what does it have to do with Dr. Cossack's apparent turn to evil?

Issue #60: Skull and Crossbones Bubble Man may be one whiny Robot Master, but since he and Splash Woman are the only ones on Mega Man's side designed for aquatic capability, they're his best chance for taking down Dive Man! However, the greatest challenge is still to come: a clash with Skull Man, the one Robot Master of Dr. Cossack's actually built for combat! Fortunately, he's backed up by two of his most faithful allies: Elec Man and Fire Man! If they can win, they have a chance at stopping Dr. Cossack-but if they lose, the world will fall to the one old friend of Dr. Light's no one expected to try and take it!

Mega Man #61-64 (Four Issues): The Doctors Are In!

Issue #61: A Cold Reception Mega Man makes his way to Dr. Cossack's Citadel, but the doctor is ready and waiting with deadly defenses! However, he's not alone, as Cut Man, Oil Man, and Bomb Man are by his side! With their help, he takes on Cossack's Mothraya, the Square Machine, and the Cockroach Twins! But when it comes to facing Dr. Cossack, Mega Man must face him alone...

Issue #62: Wrath of Cossack The Cossack Crusher is one deadly machine, and Dr. Cossack is eager to destroy Mega Man, whom he inexplicably blames for the apparent death of Kalinka! However, just when Mega Man thinks he may triumph, Proto Man shows up with Cossack's daughter in tow! How did Proto Man find Kalinka? And who convinced the doctor that Mega Man was responsible for her apparent demise? Three guesses who.

Issue #63: Like a Bad Penny Dr. Wily is alive!? AGAIN?! You'd better believe it, and he's transformed Cossack's citadel into his brand-new Wily Castle to bring an end to Mega Man's victory streak! And with his Metall Daddy and Tako Trash guarding its halls, success is looking dangerously near for the deranged doctor! And if that weren't bad enough, the doctor has revived all of Coassack's Robot Masters for another crack at our hero!

Issue #64: Welcome the Cavalry Just when Mega Man thought he was doomed to fall at the hands of the revived Cossack Numbers, help arrives! Proto Man, Quake Woman, Time Man, Plant Man, Fire Man, Splash Woman, Concrete Man, and late arrival Guts Man are here to join him in the fight for right! But the hardest battle remains to be fought, as Mega Man takes on Wily's latest Wily Machine! Can our hero defeat the returned doctor, or does Wily finally have the edge he needs to win?

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