Wazzup? I'm a bit shy and don't talk much, so I focus mainly on the wiki's content and not much with the community. But as an admin, fell free to ask for anything if you need help.

About me (in MMKB)

  • I'm just a normal user (well, actually a long time admin here...) that contributes with all series. Mega Man is one of my favorite video game series and I played most of its games, completing many of them, as you can see in the list below.
    • Not counting games for PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, mobile phones, and pretty much most games and consoles released after 2010 as, except for the Wii, DS, and PSP, I decided to not get any consoles released after the 6th generation. And regional lockout sucks.
  • I prefer platform games, so the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series are the ones I less play, but I still like them, specially MMBN3 & MMBN6.
  • I also take screenshots and rip sprites for the articles and Sprites Inc. Metalsprite
  • The most strange and cool final boss I've seen

"Zero. Enter this capsule. I will give you an armor part."


Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!?


Mega Man Powered Up!

Mega Man Records

Rockman Complete Works


Cut Man wo Ute (1)
Tatakae! Rockman (2)271
Go Go Rush!! (3)
Get Eddie (4)
Break!! Beat (5)
Rockman Dash! (6)
Janken de Battle (All)203

Mega Man 9

Time Attack

StageBest Time
Magma Man01:44:75
Hornet Man01:42:46
Galaxy Man02:08:01
Tornado Man01:56:01
Jewel Man01:45:41
Splash Woman02:05:40
Plug Man01:43:11
Concrete Man01:40:13
Wily Castle 102:38:26
Wily Castle 202:57:91
Wily Castle 303:05:40
Wily Castle 405:00:15

Mega Man 10

Time Attack

StageBest Time
Blade Man02:09:93
Pump Man01:59:41
Commando Man01:57:55
Chill Man02:00:61
Sheep Man02:38:78
Strike Man02:11:06
Nitro Man02:06:65
Solar Man02:23:95
Wily Castle 103:41:15
Wily Castle 203:26:88
Wily Castle 302:55:58
Wily Castle 404:44:23
Wily Castle 501:29:06

Mega Man Powered Up


Stage Easy Normal Hard
Towntown Stage 00'57"911511300'56"681560900'56"6615609
Cutman Stage 02'15"483787502'47"435938402'46"8333288
Gutsman Stage 02'17"403787302'44"003507503'52"9025854
Iceman Stage 02'06"413264002'17"653025603'57"0119747
Bombman Stage 02'12"534233602'26"733648004'27"2322842
Fireman Stage 01'53"883702602'23"003427202'55"3534845
Elecman Stage 02'19"133632202'56"433039204'15"5624780
Timeman Stage 02'58"342992002'42"593132004'52"5622776
Oilman Stage 02'27"934257503'02"083796102'19"6842294
Wily's Castle 1 02'00"5611392004'36"537603207'11"0338076
Wily's Castle 2 01'48"9314163802'29"4112672002'30"35125280
Wily's Castle 3 04'44"5822304510'28"175899908'54"54116712
Wily's Castle 4 01'32"3513087505'02"5612450005'54"9585890


Cutman Stage02'39"5145903
Gutsman Stage01'18"9044649
Iceman Stage01'46"6647244
Bombman Stage01'40"5029593
Fireman Stage02'21"2529832
Elecman Stage02'05"2138350
Wily's Castle 105'40"40103247
Wily's Castle 202'32"40198057
Wily's Castle 301'34"91163712
Wily's Castle 404'06"18320056

Mega Man Legends

Clear time:

  • Easy: ?
  • Normal: Sometime between 2:40:00 and 3:00:00. (Casual play)
  • Hard: ?


  • Beast Hunter: 20 Hits
  • Balloon Fantasy: 0:05:23 (Easy with Buster Max) / 0:07:60 (Normal with Machine Gun Burst, Blaster Unit R, and Omni-Unit Ω)
  • Race Game (Straight Course): 0:06:50
  • Race Game (Left Curve Course): 0:06:43
  • Race Game (Technical Course): 0:14:96

Mega Man Star Force 2

  • DrkPhntmSP: 0:09:70
  • YtiBlzrdSP: 0:08:86
  • RogueSP: 0:09:30
  • PlsioSrfSP: 0:09:03
  • TrraCndrSP: 0:09:46
  • HollowSP: 0:08:63
  • TaurusFireSP: 0:09:30
  • QnOphiucaSP: 0:09:30
  • HarpNoteSP: 0:09:13
  • CancrBubblSP: 0:04:40
  • GemnSprkSP: 0:01:26
  • KngFooKdSP: 0:09:76
  • GenAurgaSP: 0:38:16
  • AplloFlmSP: 0:10:16

All DX bosses beaten

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