I'm 23 years old and I've been a fan of Mega Man since as far as I can remember. My first Mega Man game was Mega Man 4 and my favorite Robot Master is Ring Man. My other favorite Mega Man characters are Mega Man, Mega Man X, Proto Man, Bass, Zero, Vile, Bubble Man, Mega Man Trigger, Teisel Bonne, Tron Bonne, Sera and Bola. I am a web, graphic, game and character designer, writer, and Digital Media/Astronomy graduate from UCF. I have an old Robot Master Museum site (Ring Man X's Robot Master Museum) that I made 8 years ago, but I still have lots of data and pictures to contribute. I would like to see all of the Robot Masters and character pages standardized. I also have the Mega Man cartoon series and Captain N: The Game Master DVD boxsets, so I can take any screenshots that may be needed. I know a lot about the classic Mega Man games, Mega Man Legends games, Mega Man X games, and the first Mega Man Battle Network and MegaMan Network Transmission. I stopped playing the MegaMan Battle Network series during MegaMan Battle Network 4 and stopped playing the Mega Man Zero series after the first Mega Man Zero game. Other than those 2 series, I've played almost every Mega Man game.

I've been trying to think of a catchy name for this database and all I could think of is Wilypedia. It makes sense, since Wily is responsible for everything that has happened, even Mega Man.

Characters I dislike are Sigma (I hate this guy. Why won't he just die already!?!?), Dust Man (I hate his hard and depressing stage more.), Botos (An annoying, two-faced jerk.), Axl (His powers are cool, but he can be so annoying.), Glyde (He's creepy, cocky and a jerk.), Colonel Redips (Psycho...), Rafflesian (What did I ever do to her? She must be insane.), MegaMan Juno (He's creepy and stuck-up), and Plant Man (I don't really know why, but I just don't trust his smug look on his face).

I am one of the Bureaucrats and Sysops here on the Mega Man Wiki along with Bassium!, Brick Man, Bauer-CTU and Quick. I have contributed a lot to the Robot Masters, Enemies, Mavericks, Mega Man Legends series and Mega Man cartoon series. Feel free to message me with any suggestions or problems that arise.


RingMan from the cartoon show


RingMan in his own Air Raider

Basic Rules

  • Avoid using words such as "you," "me" and "I." Instead of the word "you," the name Mega Man can be used or the words the player.
  • Keep personal opinions and comments out of articles. Post these on the appropriate discussion pages.
  • Check your grammar! Also, there is a space between a word and an open parenthesis. Example: Proto Man (Blues) and not Proto Man(Blues).
  • Please categorize articles and images.
  • Sprite rules: Please crop sprites so that there is no extra space around the sprite edges. Also, sprites should be saved as PNGs. Saving pixel art as JPGs is horrible in that it degrades the quality and will actually take up more memory space. GIFs are usually fine unless the original color palette is altered in GIF format.
  • Do not overwrite an image with a totally different image, especially if it is in use on many pages.
  • No duplicate images! Please check if the image already exists before uploading it. (This is why it is important to categorize everything.)
  • If you frequently edit this Wiki, PLEASE sign up and create an account. Help out this wiki in Operation Overhaul by joining. Joining makes it much easier to communicate with other members and to contribute files.
  • Check out the MMKB:Standards and MMKB:FAQ pages for more information.

My Fan Characters

I have listed most on the Fan Characters page.

  • RingMan X
  • PharaohMan X
  • Mega Man Forte/Bass Trigger
  • Mega Man Cutter/Cut Man Trigger
  • Mega Man Muscle/Guts Man Trigger
  • Mega Man Chiller/Ice Man Trigger
  • Mega Man Blaster/Bomb Man Trigger
  • Mega Man Ignite/Fire Man Trigger
  • Mega Man Lightning/Elec Man Trigger
  • Mistress Krisna
  • Kurtz
  • Ceres
  • Makemake
  • Eris
  • Moondroids
    • Phobos
    • Deimos
    • Amalthea
    • Thebe
    • Io
    • Europa
    • Ganymede
    • Callisto
    • Epimetheus
    • Janus
    • Mimas
    • Enceladus
    • Tethys
    • Dione
    • Rhea
    • Titan
    • Hyperion
    • Iapetus
    • Puck
    • Miranda
    • Ariel
    • Umbriel
    • Titania
    • Oberon
    • Larissa
    • Proteus
    • Triton
    • Nereid
    • Charon
    • Nix
    • Hydra
    • Dysnomia
  • Model A (Axl)
  • Model C (Ciel/Copy X)
  • Model J (MegaMan Juno)
  • Model T (Mega Man Trigger)
  • Model Q (Quint)
  • Model S (Sigma)
  • Model R (RX Armor)
  • Model E (EX Armor)

Translastion/Official Name Progress

I always put the published English names from printed sources over any Japanese name found on the internet. The English names may sound silly or blunt, but they come from official and more reliable sources. The only source that is more reliable than the instruction manual would be the actual in-game text. As for game ranking the games, it is hard to distinguish which version of a name is better suited. It is a toss-up between the game which it made its first appearance or the game that is most recent in the series. Any name variation that is not the original or most recent would be less reliable than these.

Sprites will not be provided until the correct name is found.
Enemy/Boss names left:


My Award

Imageaward = AWESOME!


Look at my skills! I drew the bottom part of Yuna's hair to the left.

Rmx mm9sprites

Look at my skills! I created and restored these Mega Man 9 sprites from video footage online.

Rmx mm9sprites2

I created/restored these Mega Man 9 sprites from Xbox Achievement images.

Favorite Soundtracks

My favorite Mega Man game soundtracks

Favorite Special Weapons

My favorite Mega Man weapons

  • Metal-Blade (The best weapon ever! It's powerful and can rapidly shoot in any direction)
  • Ring Boomerang (A really fun weapon. Can cause double damage if it hits going out and on the return.)
  • Thunder Beam (Very powerful!)
  • Gravity Hold (Very cheap!)
  • Pharaoh Shot (Chargeable and the charged shot can be held for protection above.)
  • Atomic Fire (The first chargeable weapon.)
  • Black Hole Bomb (Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light. Apparently energy pellets move faster than light.)
  • Rain Flush (Also cheap.)
  • Dive Missile (Homing attacks are great...)
  • Gemini Laser (Pretty cool how it ricochets and splits...)
  • Copy Vision (Can be very useful and very cheap if used correctly.)

Mega Man 10 concept

I've recently posted my concept for a Mega Man 10. Check it out.

Other Wikis I'm Currently Active with

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