I am a huge fan of the Mega Man series, and have been since the very beginning during the era of the NES. I have beaten more games in the Mega Man series than in any other series -- a grand total of 22 games.

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Below are listed Somarinoa's personal favorite boss characters from each game he's encountered.

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Megaman Classic Characters

Acid Man

Acid Man is a Robot Master built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa on the theme of violent corrosion. He carries within his body (in a manner similar to Aqua Man) highly corrosive acid that quickly eats away at metal. He fires this in a globule, allowing it to hit the ground where it will burst, spraying it all over for maximum hit chance.

Anchor Man

Brick Man

Brick Man is a rejected prototypical design for Stone Man. He was built to resemble a brick house, but he was supplied with only a limited number of bricks; once he ran out his armor was all but gone and he was extremely vulnerable to injury.

Copy Deca

Copy Deca is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Deca has the abilities of the bosses seen in Mega Man 10.

Copy Duo

Copy Duo is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Duo has the forehead blade of Metalman, a flash arm of Flashman, the "U" crest of Quickman, the flippers of Bubbleman, the chest gem of Heatman, the "helmet limb offshoot" of Woodman, the chest fan of Airman and a crasher arm of Crashman.

Copy Nein

Copy Nein is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old Robot Masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Nein has the abilities of the bosses seen in Mega Man 9.

Copy Ocho

Copy Ocho is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Ocho has the "skull cap" of Frostman, the wings of Tenguman, the jester horns of Clownman, the "pineapple body" of Grenademan, the sword arm of Swordman, the homing sniper cannon of Searchman, the orbiting satellites of Astroman and the "hat" of Aquaman.

Copy Quartet

Copy Quartet is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Quartet has the unspecified physical trait of Toadman, the unspecified physical trait of Brightman, the helmet of Pharaohman, the helmet ring of Ringman, the unspecified physical trait of Dustman, the unspecified physical trait of Skullman, the unspecified physical trait of Diveman and a drill arm of Drillman.

Copy Quintet

Copy Quintet is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Quintet has the star buster of Starman, the chest-mounted power gauge of Gravityman, the spinal rotor of Gyroman, the helmet crystal of Crystalman, the shoulder armor of Napalmman, the fact that his armor's made of stone from Stoneman, the train grid feet of Chargeman and the trident cannon of Waveman.

Copy Septus

Copy Septus is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Septus has the unspecified physical attribute of Burstman, the lightning rods of Cloudman, the winch arm of Junkman, the face mask of Freezeman, the unspecified physical attribute of Slashman, the springy limbs of Springman, the wings of Shademan and the sunglasses of Turboman.

Copy Sextant

Copy Sextant is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Sextant has the burner arm of Flameman, the skis of Blizzardman, the plant tendrils of Plantman, the headdress of Tomahawkman, the kabuto "horns" of Yamatoman, the mace arm of Knightman, the Centaur horn of Centaurman and the giant shoulder fans of Windman.

Copy Solo

Copy Solo is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Solo has the cutters of Cutman, the mask of Elecman, the slippery feet of Iceman, a burner arm of Fireman, the unspecified physical attribute of Bombman and an enlarged arm of Gutsman.

Copy Trio

Copy Trio is a robot master built to take advantage of a group of old robot masters' abilities in an attempt to throw Mega Man off and finally defeat him. Trio has the forehead magnet of Magnetman, the unspecified physical attribute of Hardman, the ankle wheels of Topman, the unspecified physical attribute of Shadowman, the unspecified physical attribute of Sparkman, the snake tail of Snakeman, the unspecified physical attribute of Geminiman and the unspecified physical attribute of Needleman.

Dark Forte

Dig Man

Dig Man is a robot master with a subterranean theme.

Dr. Kojiro

Draidel Man

Draidle Man is a rejected prototypical design for Top Man. He was built in the theme of a draidel, a Jewish top. He would have been powerful, but his gyroscope refused to function properly and he constantly would fall over, injuring himself.

Friction Man

Friction Man is a rejected prototypical design for Wood Man. He was intended as a fire-themed Robot Master, whom would rub his stick arms together to create fire. Unfortunately, when finally lit the rest of his body would go up in flames too, as he was made of wood. While he wouldn't die immediately, he was not capable of putting his own fire out even when stopping, dropping & rolling and eventually would burn away to mere ash.

Frog Man

Frog Man is a rejected prototypical design for Toad Man. He was built almost exactly like Toad Man but was too top heavy, causing him to spin to an awkward position during a jump, whereafter he would land on his head and do damage to himself. Ironically, he and Toad Man's names were actually mixed up - Frog Man was originally intended to be Toad Man, but Dr. Wily forgot which was which and had not painted either, leaving them to appear identical to one another.

Funnel Man

Funnel Man was Dr. Kojiro's first robot master he ever built. He was based on the doctor's favorite childhood pastime of funnel ball.

Despite his ultimate destruction at the hands of Mega Man, he would always have a place in Dr. Kojiro's dark heart. Because of this, Funnel Man would be reincarnated to 'avenge himself', during which he was combined with nanite technology to eventually fuse into the White Devil.

Gladius Man

Gladius Portrait

With the defeat of the Copy Robot in 2010, Dr. Kojiro saw his chance to glean information of the famous Mega Man, and so used a few small robots he had built to salvage what he could of it. To his dismay it was heavily damaged and only a small amount of information could be obtained, leaving his newest Robot Master, DPN-002, incomplete. However, when Dr. Wily brought Quint into the picture later that same year and he too was defeated, Dr. Kojiro moved quickly to obtain data from him, as well. He was no fool and he knew that stealing Quint outright would be a very noticeable action, at a time when his moves and motives were purposefully clandestine. Through this note, he instead used scanning robots he built out of a chunk of the Copy Robot's data to scan Quint's remnants and bring the information back to his lab. Perhaps through sheer luck, there was still enough data for the mad doctor to know how to build his own version of Mega Man, and he promptly restarted his project to finish DPN-002.

Borrowing heavily from Roman culture, he based his new creation after the gladiators of old, giving him shining gold armor and replacing the Mega Buster with a weapon he dubbed the Gladius Buster; this weapon gave DPN-002, now formally known as Gladius Man or Rockman G, the ability to not only use it as a devastating melee attack, but also granted him the ability to fire it off at foes as a spinning blade of death, only to return to him moments later.

Once Dr. Kojiro openly attacked the world and made his motives known, Mega Man was sent in to stop him. Gladius Man fought hard against his "brother", but in the end was defeated. Shocked at the failure of his "masterpiece", he was unprepared for the blue bomber's arrival, and was soon defeated as well. Although Gladius Man was pretty much obliterated physically, the doctor found enough parts to repair him. With such a sound defeat under his belt, he chose to, instead of just rebuild him as-was, upgrade the machine, allowing him to copy powers as Mega Man himself could. Gladius Man would be ready for his revenge...

Gladius Man β

Gladius Man β (Beta) is an update on the model of Gladius Man, who had been defeated twice by Mega Man before. He now possesses dual Gladius Busters. As before he possesses the weapon copies of several of his allies, but now these are as follows: Death Top, an attack where he spins like a top with his blades extended; Shadow Shark, an attack where he slides along the ground with one blade pointing up, carving through the air; and Faint Warp, which causes normal Buster Shots to pass through him.

Icecube Man

Icecube Man is a rejected prototypical design for Ice Man. He was built entirely out of ice, and cannot move or do any sort of damage at all. In fact, he will even slowly melt in room temperature. Fire does near instantaneous death to him.

Lampshade Man

Lampshade Man is a rejected prototypical design for Bright Man. He was built a little too much like a real lamp, and as such has a lampshade feature - unfortunately, this means his bright flash does little damage, as it is mostly shaded from the intended victim's eyes.

Loki Man

Loki Man is a robot master based off of the Norse God of Mischief.

Megaman Copy

Megaman Gnome

Megaman Light

Megaman Light is a Megaman from the alternate universe in which the art for the US Mega Man 1 box art would actually be canon.

Megaman Pixel

Megaman Pixel is a Megaman from the alternate universe in which the sprites for the Megaman PC games is canon. He is jealous of Megaman's good lucks and ability to not entirely suck.

Megaman Shine

Megaman Shine is a Megaman from the alternate universe in which the art for the PAL Mega Man 3 box art would actually be canon. He was captured by the Negaforce and reprogrammed to join their cause.

Megaman Silver

Megaman Silver is a [[Megaman from the alternate universe in which the art for the PAL Mega Man 2 box art would actually be canon. He was captured by the Negaforce and reprogrammed to join their cause.


Megamerica is a Megaman from the alternate universe in which the Mega Man cartoon series takes place.


Negaman is a Megaman from the alternate universe in which Captain N: The Game Master takes place. He was brought into the Megaman Comics Universe when reality fluxes began to open up. Once here, he was known as "Megaman N". When Megaman shot him for being too stupid, he was discovered and rebuilt by Dr. Wily, at which time he pledged his allegiance to the mad doctor. He has formed a team of other alternate Megamen who want to destroy this reality's Megaman and take his place.

Nunchaku Man

Dr. Kojiro's third robot master, Nunchaku Man was based on the unconventional nunchaku weaponry, combined with both laser and bola technologies.

His weapon, the Nunchucker, fires an energy nunchaku out of either of the twin-barreled busters located on each arm, which then spins end over end until it makes contact with a physical object, at which point the energy 'detonates', hopefully injuring an opponent.

Nanite Man

Oni Man

Oni Man is a robot master who uses the weapon Possession, allowing him to take over the body of his opponent to try and cause him to commit suicide.

Pendulum Man

Pendulum Man is a Robot Master built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa on the theme of a pendulum. He is able to convert between two forms - his typical bipedal robot form and his pendulum form. In his pendulum form, his arms extend to grip the ceiling, forming the cords upon which the pendulum swings; the feet swivel out and lock in place to become the pendulum blade.

Power Man

Pulse Man

Pulse Man is a Robot Master built around an explosive theme. Weapon is the Pulse Detonator.


Recoil is a robot built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa.

Rush Man

Rush Man is a Robot Master built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa on the theme of Rush, Mega Man's robot dog companion. This was done due to Dr. Peppa's notice of Mega Man's semi-reliance on the animal in certain spots. This idea only served as inspiration, however, and Rush Man is also built to accomodate for swift movement. His weapon is the Speed Booster.

Snow Man

Snow Man is a Robot Master built by Dr. Kojiro Peppa on the theme of winter. As his name suggests, he is built to resemble a snowman.

Splash Man

Splash Man is a robot master with an aquatic theme.

Statue Man

Statue Man is a rejected prototypical design for Hard Man. He was built to be stoic and immovable like a statue, but it worked too well. While alive, he is completely incapable of any action whatsoever.

Thruster Man

Trojan Man

Trojan Man is a rejected prototypical design for a Robot Master. He was built on the theme of a powerful soldier, and he was designed to resemble a Trojan warrior while his weapon - the Latex Bubble - wraps a victim in a plastic bubble sheath, only to burst after a few short seconds, dealing concussive damage. He was rejected when Dr. Wily realized, in his embarrassment, just how much of an innuendo he would accidentally turn out to be.

Zeus Man

Zeus Man is a Robot Master based off of the Greek god of sky and thunder.

Megaman X Characters

Magneto Eel

Nitro Polarbear

Pyro Platypus

Slasher Mantis

Spike Hedgehog

Spark Jellyfish

Squall Raven

Tank Nautilus

Megaman Legends Characters


Zorus is a little known digger. He digs for the distinct reason of seeking adventure, and he willingly allows for 'friendly competition' between himself and various others, not all of which find the competition as friendly as he does (for instance, pirates). On certain occasions, he is noted for wearing armor he and his spotter have built out of reaverbot remains, to disguise himself as a reaverbot himself, typically to fool opponents.

Although he has heard the name " Megaman Volnutt" mentioned a few times, he has never run across him.

Megaman Remix Characters

Megaman Remix is a retelling of the original Mega Man Classic series, with several changes in effect:

  • Dr. Right is renamed Dr. Rite, and is a much younger female.
  • Dr. Wily is the assistant to the actual villain of the first game, Dr. Wong.
  • Each Robot Master is more like a Maverick but with the powers of one of the old Mega Man bosses.
  • Roll does not exist, and is replaced with a third male robot named Mega Man Quint.
  • Dr. Rite, Dr. Wong, and Dr. Wily are not the only ones involved in the storyline; the police are also involved.
  • Dr. Rite controls the Mega Men and built the original six Robot Masters.
  • Dr. Wong controls the original six Robot Masters.
  • Dr. Wily hires the Violens to murder the three Mega Men, and controls all future Robot Masters.
  • Sergeant Sur commands the Investigators.

Dr. Rite

The Robot Masters were created by the benevolent Dr. Rite, who believes that robots could help mankind and be used instead of humans to do hard labor that could endanger human lives. Dr. Rite based her leader robots, dubbed Robot Masters as they command various other robots, after various animals still existing in the wild. Soon, these six robots were being used by various companies and Dr. Rite was proud of the work. However, Dr. Rite's competitor, the evil Dr. Wong was upset at this turn of events, and used a virus he created with the help of his lab assistant Dr. Wily to infect the six Robot Masters and make them turn on their employers. Now, little hope stands for the human race as these powerful beings rampage through their respective areas. Knowing there wasn't much choice otherwise in the matter, Dr. Rite awoke her three prototype androids - Neon, Blues, and Quint.

Dr. Wong

Furious as to Dr. Rite's success in building and selling her Robot Masters and essentially putting Dr. Wong out of business, he and his assistant invented a virus that was then uploaded to the net and delivered via cyberspace to the Robot Masters themselves.

Dr. Wily

Mega Man Neon

Mega Man Blues

Mega Man Quint

Violen Zero

Violen Dynamo

Violen Accelerator

Violen Chassis

Investigator Yz

Investigator Ahyl

Bomb Ladybug

Bomb Ladybug is a melodramatic, female-programmed demolitions expert designed after a ladybug. Her body houses a bomb processor, which can churn out explosives at a rapid rate, but this causes her to have to be wary of open flames which can light the wicks on her weapons early, which can lead to them detonating inside of her for massive damage. She is known for her high-octave laugh and her powerful appetite for destruction. Her attack style is as follows:

  • Throws bombs at various lengths, waits for them to explode then attacks again.
  • Crawls along on the ceiling and drops bombs out of the 'dots' in its shell, which are actually portholes into the bomb processor within its body cavity.
  • Gets on all fours on the floor and spins herself, causing bombs to arc out of her back to cover the arena.

Cut Crab

  • Fires metal scissor claws that home in slightly and then return after a few seconds.
  • Spits bubbles out of his mouth that cover his entire body, making it difficult to tell what his intended motions are for the next few seconds.

Elec Eel

Elec Eel is an energetic, male-programmed self-contained mobile power plant intended to provide direct access to electricity within the confines of the ocean. While being made of metal, he must avoid contact with particularly sharp objects such as ceramic titanium which could easily puncture his metal housing skin and open a direct path for the local sea water to his circuitry, which would cause a short circuit, effectively turning his own powers against him. His attacks are as follows:

  • Shoots a single stream of electricity straight forward.
  • Tesla coils on back fire two streams of electricity that then arc around the room once.

Ice Smilodon

  • Jumps up to the ceiling and fires ice fangs downwards into the ground.

Megaman: Tempo Characters


Tempo is Dr. Kojiro's ultimate creation, built after he used a time machine to go forward in time, where he saw the reploids; ironically enough, it would be Kojiro's fellow roboticists who would invent the technology that led to them.

Discovered amongst rubble buried deep below the current city streets of Megalopolis by excavator reploids, he was uncovered and brought to Enjin, a leading engineer in the area. Unfortunately, Tempo was severely damaged and Enjin had to completely rebuild his body, leading to his stick-figuresque design style. Tempo was then studied due to his ancient existence and his technology - or what was left of it - was deemed more advanced than the current designs and his technology was used in later models; however, because of the significant damage dealt to his former body shell the Reploid Factories was retooled to produce reploids on several model designs, with the major one being based upon Tempo's form - these became known as the Type 1 MkII Reploids.

Tempo worked in the Reploid Factories himself until Goth suddenly declared war on the world, at which point Tempo joined the budding Neo Hunters, a group who was inspired by the existence of the former Maverick Hunters. He went through the Neo Hunter Academy alongside Bias, Phono and Electronika, and his abilities saved them along with their commanding officer Synth during their first battle. Afterwards he partnered with Bias for several years until Bias retired due to certain events that had occurred. Tempo kept in contact with Bias afterwards however, and continued his operations with his new partner, Trance.

Eventually Tempo got word that led him to seek out Bias at his hideout, only to arrive just as Goth infected Bias. This led to him seeking vengence on Goth and dire need to rescue his best friend, leading to the events of Mega Man Tempo: Sanity's Affliction. Afterwards he had Bias rebuilt and continued his maverick hunting until Bias was infected with an ancient virus and Goth in his viral form merged with him. After this, Tempo sought to end Omega Bias out of respect for his former friend.



A MkIV Reploid, built upon a rotund-class chassis. He eventually served alongside Tempo as a Neo Hunter, and was both Tempo's best friend and partner during these times. However, Bias nearly inadvertently got several other Neo Hunters killed during a mission, and distraught he retired and moved away into seclusion within a wooded area, where only Tempo knew where he was. Some years after his departure, Tempo came with his new partner Trance to discuss something with Bias, only for Bias to immediately afterwards be infected by the Goth Virus directly from Goth himself. Corrupted, Bias fought Tempo and, while damaged but not destroyed teleported away to the Maverick Factory, where Goth had his body rebuilt into a powerhouse-class chassis. At this point he became one of Goth's four Maverick Generals, though Goth actually planned to use Bias as bait to be able to possess Tempo's chassis as Goth saw it as superior to all others. Tempo was eventually forced to fight the corrupt Infected Bias, and ultimately destroyed him, though rushed in and removed Bias' personality chip just in time to save his "soul".

After destroying Goth, Tempo returned to Neo Hunter HQ and had Bias rebuilt, this time in an upgraded MkIII body to allow him better movement and agility. Bias served the Neo Hunters again as gratitude for a few years before Goth surfaced again. Angry at what Goth had made him do before, Bias chose to fight against Goth's growing armies, only to eventually succumb to an upgraded Taps. When Goth was destroyed this time, he chose to possess Bias, converting both of them into Omega Bias, becoming an even greater threat than Goth alone was. Eventually, Tempo was forced to permanently destroy his old best friend.


Zilch & Eve

Zilch and Eve are partnered Neo Hunters who are in a romantic relationship with one another. They compliment each other well, with Zilch's powerful melee attacks and Eve's weaker but much longer ranged attacks. The two of them become playable in Megaman Tempo 3, where the player can switch between them at any time; once one of them reaches 1 hit point they cannot be selected unless the other has the same number of hp. However, Zilch gets physically stronger the lower his health gets (increases to 3 damage at half life, to 4 at quarter life), while Eve's attacks get weaker (.5 damage at quarter health).


Cleric is the assigned medic of the Neo Hunters. She spends most of her time during the events of Sanity's Affliction working on Funk, reattaching his severed arm. She, along with most of the other Neo Hunters, believe Funk is making up stories about how he lost his arm, instead believing his sawblades ricocheted and severed it as opposed to some powerful maverick. However, she will tend to the wounds of her fellow Neo Hunters. Only seen briefly in Tempo's game, but can be interacted with throughout Phono's game.


Adelaide Kakinski is a human scientist who works in the Marine Science Lab alongside Shock Seabeast. When he became corrupted by the Goth Virus, she was kidnapped by him and held hostage within the facility. Discovering this turn of events by downloading information from the Neo Hunters HQ database, Tempo goes and rescues her from the rampaging maverick. Afterwards she accompanies him to his temporary base of operations, and in the end helps vouch for Tempo's correct behavior, leading to his reinstatement as a Neo Hunter and the elimination of his maverick status.


Echo is a minor Neo Hunter. He does not have any major role in the series.

El Fin


Enjin is the assigned engineer of the Neo Hunters. He is in charge of building and keeping track of various upgrades for the Neo Hunters, and was the reploid to rebuild the damaged Tempo after his discovery. During the events of Sanity's Affliction, he is one of the Neo Hunters who does not believe Tempo has gone maverick, and is particularly hurt to hear that he is being hunted, but is barely listened to. Although he tells Commander Synth his beliefs on the matter, Synth states that even though he agrees, he must hold firm to Neo Hunter law. Because he rebuilt Tempo when he was first found, essentially bringing him back to life, he and Tempo have a pretty close relationship.


Formal was a Neo Hunter who once worked alongside Tempo up until Tempo was deemed a maverick by their Commander Synth. Having been a dedicated Hunter, he sought out Tempo, seeing him as a traitor to their cause.

He eventually caught up to Tempo at the Robot Graveyard, and not seeing his partner Trance with him but knowing that Trance hadn't returned to the HQ since Tempo went maverick, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that Tempo killed Trance, and vows to avenge him as well. He battles Tempo (serving as the mid-boss to that level), only to be defeated and left where he is instead of finished off - he works to recover himself for a rematch, and appears again in the room immediately before the boss arena, where he gets ready to attack. Unfortunately for him, he is then suddenly attacked by Taps, who knocks him through the gate and follows him, leaving Tempo where he is. When Tempo arrives, he discovers that Formal has been killed and is being scanned by Taps, giving Taps his Fortified Pummel. He is not rebuilt and is instead honored by a statue in the Hall of the Fallen in the Neo Hunter HQ.

Formal's weapon is the Fortified Pummel, where his fists produce rocks that create even larger fists that he can control.


Funk is a wild and reckless Neo Hunter. Using his Funk Buster, he can fire spinning sawblades in rapid succession. He spends a significant portion of his time during the events of Sanity's Affliction in Cleric's room, having his arm reattached. He states that he was injured during a battle with an unknown maverick, although none of the other Neo Hunters seem to believe him, and think he's just covering up for his typical reckless behavior. However, this fact much later (in Megaman Tempo 3, in fact) turns out to be true, with the Maverick being Mecha Nymph. When Electronika comes across him, she isn't ready for the fight, and Funk steps in just in the nick of time, sacrificing his own life to destroy Nymph's mech. Although his chip is possibly recovered, he is not rebuilt, and instead has a statue built in his honor in the Hall of the Fallen at the Neo Hunter base.





Mono & Stereo

Mono and Stereo are Neo Hunter partners who happen to be assembly brothers, as well. They are very powerful and are both very friendly to their allies and vicious to their opponents. Their power is only implied until Mega Man Tempo 2, where both are unfortunately affected by the Goth Virus and Electronika is forced to kill them both at the same time. They are afterwards honored by a pair of statues in the Hall of the Fallen at the Neo Hunter HQ.



Pangolin is a Neo Hunter designed after an animal - in his case, a pangolin - as opposed to the typical humanoid form reploids are often seen as, indicating that he is either an ancient reploid or he has heavily modified himself. His main weapon is the Spiral Whip, a powerful and sharp curling tongue, although he also possesses sharp claws. He is very well-protected by a thick armored shell that prevents most things from harming him, causing them to simply bounce off in a manner similar to a Metool.

His actual purpose is to show that not all animal-based reploids go maverick.



Synth is the commander of the Neo Hunters, and has been since its creation. He is built upon a large chassis, making him particularly powerful in terms of strength and giving him increased durability. While a close personal friend to many of his Hunters, including Tempo, he follows Hunter law closely and is saddened but obligated to deem Tempo a maverick when he deviates from his mission orders to seek out his former partner, Bias. However, he happily accepts Tempo back after the defeat of Goth and after hearing the testimony of individuals such as Adelaide and Tanker. As a commander he cannot often afford to head onto the front lines of the battles.



Trance is Tempo's current partner, after Bias' retirement. He helped Tempo gain entry into Bias' hideout and upon Tempo's choice to defect in order to save Bias, Trance went with him despite the danger involved. They constructed a secret base to operate out of, where Trace chose to remain to make certain that no Hunters or Mavericks could find the location and ambush them. In this manner he became Tempo's Operator, and informed him of a variety of missions, eventually leading him to Goth's own headquarters.

Trance's weapon is the Trance Buster, which he can use to cause an EMP field to shut down electronics in an area so long as it is active - however he can select a single individual to be able to still move about; normally he selects himself but he can select others such as Tempo, firing an anti-field upon them that uses all of Tempo's power supplies to remain activated for a time.

Megaman Tempo Mavericks

Ashen Fireweed

Bio Crustacean

A MkII Reploid. Considered ancient and nearly obsolete, Crustacean was most recently purposed to serve the EDEN Project at the Grand Arboretum under the guideship of the MkIII botanist, Narica. Here he would use his claw to trim back plantlife as needed and used his programmed "harmony with plants" to let them grow better. Unfortunately Narica's brother Lotor contracted the Goth Virus and went maverick, damaging Crustacean and infecting him as well, causing him to gain his title "Bio". He then began terrorizing the Arboretum, destroying many endangered species, although Narica protected the centerpiece of the building, the last tree of its kind, right up until the end where Bio Crustacean finally destroyed the tree Narica had been protecting. Immediately afterwards, Narica's brother Savage Lotor dropped down upon Bio Crustacean and tore out his circuitry, killing him. He utilized a powerful scissor claw and vine whip in combat.

Brawler Cuttlefist

Copy Flea

Frozen Hydroid

Hydroid was an extremely powerful reploid that was used as the solitary power supply for the entire HYDRANTH power plant. However, an attack on the plant by Goth led to damage to the plant as a whole and due to circumstances not fully understood due to corrupted data records, the plant was covered in ice. It is believed that Hydroid himself did this to protect the plant from the attack, and it succeeded but caused the plant to be abandoned by its human crew. Years later, Tempo would enter the area to question Hydroid on a possible way to defeat the Maverick Lord and Goth would take the opportunity to follow him there; unfortunately, upon thawing out Hydroid Goth corrupts him. Luckily for Tempo, the years trapped in ice weakened him, and so he was roughly average in terms of overall power.

His weapon is the Medusa Bomb, which are small bombs that track targets and follow them. He is designed after a hydroids (which the HYDRANTH power plant is also named after), while his weapon are named after medusae.

Helios Sunflower

Laser Krill

Mecha Nymph

Metal Cockatolis

Molten Slug

Multiplicity Stork

Pain Lobster

Rampant Loonicorn

Rotate Gyraffe

Rotate Gyraffe is a Mk III Reploid who exists during Megaman Tempo's time. Originally built as a lumberjack Reploid, he watched with horror as, one after another, Reploids of every make and model became corrupted by the Goth Virus. In an attempt to save himself, he took a job as far from civilization as he could find, doing what he was created for. He thought himself safe for several years, but one day was confronted when a ship was shot out of the sky and crashed nearby. Despite his better judgement processes, he investigated and became corrupted by a maverick captain which had been onboard and had been nearly destroyed.

Within a week's time he had gone mad and slaughtered the rest of his crew, retrieving the mortally crippled maverick captain for questioning as his mind had not quite gone yet and he wanted to find out who caused his lapse into corruption (although the corrupted parts of his CPU made him wish for only vengence). Eventually, he got the name of the maverick captain's foe who brought his ship down upon the forest - Tempo. Gyraffe knew his target at this point and begun using the virus within both him and the former captain to corrupt the local machines to begin preparations for bringing about the demise of this maverick hunter who had ruined everything.

Gyraffe is best known for his Helichopper technique. Gyraffe's head system is attached to his hips and is held in a hollow of his body structure by magnetic clamps to allow it to stay in its regular placement. However, when he uses Helichopper (originally designed for cutting down trees quickly) the magnetic clamps release and as his body lifts off the ground using chest and abdominal booster jets into a spread eagle formation his neck swings up so as to continue to face forward. At this point his arms and legs convert into extremely sharp and durable blades, and Gyraffe begins rotating quickly; this will last until he cancels it - in battle, he can move across a room multiple times before shutting it down, and can even hover in place without moving for a short stint of time.

Eventually, Gyraffe succeeds in bringing Tempo to his forest base, only to find he has underestimated the robot and is killed.

Savage Lotor

Scud Pelican

Secret Daubentonia

Once a Night Reconnaissance Special Operations soldier for the Repliforce, Daubentonia recently was turned maverick when he was captured by other mavericks during an assassination attempt to destroy Goth on the Repliforce's own terms. Now, crazed by the virus infecting him, he runs assassination missions on the Repliforce instead. He can be found aboard the Repliforce Navy Fleet, where he is currently attempting the assassination of the RepliNavy leader, Commander Tanker.

He is designed after an aye-aye.

Shock Seabeast

One of the few known remaining ancient reploids in existence, even Seabeast has recently succumbed to the Goth Virus. Seabeast once served the Marine Science Lab by collecting samples from the ocean floor. Now he holds a human scientist hostage within the same lab he once worked for. Tempo feels that this is wrong, and that he must be stopped at all costs.

He is designed after several smaller sea creatures, including a sea anemone, sea urchin, and a starfish.

Slumber Fly

Steam Typus

Sunburn Putchki

Swift Chimpala


Timid Fennec

A member of the Reploid Sciences Group, Fennec was off on an archaeological dig when he unearthed an ancient reploid long since thought destroyed. Soon after shipping the reploid off, though, Fennec started acting strangely, becoming paranoid and panicking, thinking everyone was out to get him. Soon he killed a fellow reploid scientist and fled as quickly as possible. He must be found and questioned as to his reasons behind this action.

He is designed after a fennec fox.

Void Hunter

He is designed after a archer fish.

Wintery Yak

Zephyr Quetzal

Mavericks Without Titles

This includes mavericks who once had titles assigned to them that have been forgotten as well as those who have yet to have one assigned.

  • Holothurian
  • Harunner
  • Zoea

Megaman Tempo False Mavericks

The False Mavericks are clones built out of the data of each of the Maverick Generals to continue their missions after their destruction. Another clone, False Goth, is instead built for the distinct purpose of drawing fire away from the real Goth. False Mavericks are the in-game version of the 'repaired' Robot Masters and Mavericks to appear during "rematch" battles late into both the Mega Man and Mega Man X series.

False Goth

False Goth is the final boss for Phono, who is fooled despite obvious physical differences because he never saw Goth in person. False Goth is purple and black in hue, with a single red eye light.

False Daubentonia

False Fennec

False Fly

False Hunter

False Hydroid

False Lobster

False Lotor

False Pelican

False Quetzal

False Seabeast

False Slug

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