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Hello! I am Swoopybird. I used to like the LittleBigPlanet wiki (I still like it, though) and my name is is supposed to be related to a character named Swoop, and it still makes sense here because it's related to Beat! I like the original series and the X series. I will edit anything that needs editing. I added the locations of standard capsule locations on the page Light Capsule!


  • 11/14/2019: Edited New RMs on my page. 105-112 at 4:32 P.M.

My Do-First and Do-Last bots

MM1: Bomb Man and Fire Man

MM2: Metal Man and Quick Man

MM3: Magnet Man and Needle Man

MM4: Toad Man and Drill Man

MM5: Star Man and Wave Man

MM6: Flame Man and Wind Man

MM7: Cloud Man and Turbo Man

MM8: Tengu Man and Search Man

MM&B: Cold Man and Dynamo Man

MM9: Galaxy Man and Concrete Man

MM10: Sheep Man and Strike Man

MM11: Block Man and Blast Man

MMX: Chill Penguin and Flame Mammoth

MMX2: Wheel Gator and Wire Sponge

MMX3: Blizzard Buffalo and Blast Hornet

MMX4: Web Spider and Slash Beast

MMX5: Crescent Grizzly and Spike Rosered

MMX6: Commander Yammark and Infinity Mijinion

MMX7: Soldier Stonekong and Vanishing Gungaroo

MMX8: Bamboo Pandamonium and Burn Rooster


Mega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega ManMega Man poops out a chicken nugget.

I've Met the happiness when you get Wave Burner



There are fifty-six Heart Tanks, twenty-three Sub Tanks, ten tanks-but-not-subs, forty-one light capsules. In the 8 X series games.

Heading into action: Robot Master numbers, names, weaknesses, and weapons


Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
DWN. 084Acid ManAcid BarrierBlock Dropper
DWN. 010Air ManAir ShooterLeaf Shield
DWN. 064Aqua ManWater BalloonAstro Crush
DWN. 058Astro ManAstro Crush/Copy VisionHoming Sniper/Magic Card
DWN. 073Blade ManTriple BladeCommando Bomb
DWN. 083Blast ManChain BlastBlazing Torch
DWN. 041Blizzard ManBlizzard AttackFlame Blast
DWN. 081Block ManBlock DropperChain Blast
DLN. 006Bomb ManHyper BombFire Storm
DWN. 088Bounce Man/Rubber ManBounce BallPile Driver
DWN. 025Bright ManFlash StopperRain Flush
DWN. 011Bubble ManBubble LeadMetal Blade
KGN. 005Burner ManWave BurnerIce Wall
DWN. 051Burst ManDanger WrapFreeze Cracker/Scorch Wheel
DWN. 042Centaur ManCentaur FlashKnight Crusher
DWN. 038Charge ManCharge KickPower Stone
DWN. 076Chill ManChill SpikeSolar Blaze
DWN. 052Cloud ManThunder BoltDanger Wrap
DWN. 060Clown ManThunder ClawTornado Hold
KGN. 002Cold ManIce WallLightning Bolt
DWN. 075Commando ManCommando BombWheel Cutter
DLN. 065Concrete ManConcrete ShotLaser Trident
DWN. 013Crash Man/Clash ManCrash Bomber/Clash BomberAir Shooter
DWN. 040Crystal ManCrystal EyeGyro Attack
DLN. 003Cut ManRolling CutterSuper Arm
DWN. 031Dive ManDive MissileSkull Barrier/Dust Crusher
DWN. 027Drill ManDrill BombDive Missile
DWN. 030Dust ManDust CrusherRing Boomerang
KGN. 001Dynamo ManLightning BoltCopy Vision
DLN. 008Elec ManThunder BeamRolling Cutter
DLN. 007Fire ManFire StormIce Slasher
DWN. 043Flame ManFlame BlastBlizzard Attack
DWN. 014Flash ManTime StopperMetal Blade
DWN. 049Freeze ManFreeze CrackerJunk Shield
DWN. 062Frost ManIce WaveFlash Bomb/Flame Sword
DWN. 082Fuse ManScramble ThunderBounce Ball
DLN. 072Galaxy ManBlack Hole BombConcrete Shot
DWN. 019Gemini ManGemini LaserSearch Snake
DWN. 033Gravity ManGravity HoldStar Crash
DWN. 063Grenade ManFlash BombThunder Claw
KGN. 003Ground ManSpread DrillRemote Mine
DLN. 004Guts ManSuper ArmHyper Bomb
DWN. 036Gyro ManGyro AttackGravity Hold
DWN. 020Hard ManHard KnuckleMagnet Missile
DWN. 015Heat ManAtomic FireBubble Lead
DLN. 070Hornet ManHornet ChaserMagma Bazooka
DLN. 005Ice ManIce SlasherThunder Beam
DWN. 087Impact Man/Pile ManPile DriverAcid Barrier
DLN. 069Jewel ManJewel SatelliteBlack Hole Bomb
DWN. 050Junk ManJunk ShieldThunder Bolt
DWN. 044Knight ManKnight CrusherYamato Spear
KGN. 006Magic ManMagic CardTengu Blade
DLN. 071Magma ManMagma BazookaTornado Blow
DWN. 018Magnet ManMagnet MissileSpark Shock/Shadow Blade
DWN. 009Metal ManMetal BladeQuick Boomerang/Metal Blade
DWN. 039Napalm ManNapalm BombCrystal Eye
DWN. 017Needle ManNeedle CannonGemini Laser
DWN. 079Nitro ManWheel CutterChill Spike
DLN. 00BOil ManOil SliderFire Storm
DWN. 028Pharaoh ManPharaoh ShotFlash Stopper
KGN. 004Pirate ManRemote MineWave Burner
DWN. 045Plant ManPlant BarrierBlizzard Attack
DLN. 068Plug ManPlug BallJewel Satellite
DWN. 074Pump ManWater ShieldThunder Wool
DWN. 012Quick ManQuick BoomerangTime Stopper/Crash Bomber/Clash Bomber
DWN. 029Ring ManRing BoomerangPharaoh Shot
DWN. 061Search ManHoming SniperFlame Sword
DWN. 055Shade ManNoise CrushWild Coil
DWN. 024Shadow ManShadow BladeTop Spin
DWN. 077Sheep ManThunder WoolRebound Striker
DWN. 032Skull ManSkull BarrierDust Crusher
DWN. 054Slash ManSlash ClawFreeze Cracker/Scorch Wheel
DWN. 022Snake ManSearch SnakeNeedle Cannon
DWN. 080Solar ManSolar BlazeWater Shield
DWN. 023Spark ManSpark ShockShadow Blade
DLN. 067Splash WomanLaser TridentHornet Chaser
DWN. 063Spring ManWild CoilSlash Claw
DWN. 037Star ManStar CrashWater Wave
DWN. 035Stone ManPower StoneNapalm Bomb
DWN. 078Strike ManRebound StrikerTriple Blade
DWN. 059Sword ManFlame SwordWater Balloon
DWN. 057Tengu ManTornado Hold/Tengu BladeIce Wave/Spread Drill
DLN. 00ATime ManTime SlowThunder Beam
DWN. 026Toad ManRain FlushDrill Bomb
DWN. 046Tomahawk ManSilver TomahawkPlant Barrier
DWN. 021Top ManTop SpinHard Knuckle
DWN. 086Torch ManBlazing TorchTundra Storm
DWN. 066Tornado ManTornado BlowPlug Ball
DWN. 085Tundra ManTundra StormScramble Thunder
DWN. 056Turbo ManScorch WheelNoise Crush
DWN. 034Wave ManWater WaveCharge Kick
DWN. 047Wind ManWind StormCentaur Flash
DWN. 016Wood ManLeaf ShieldAtomic Fire
DWN. 048Yamato ManYamato SpearSilver Tomahawk

New RMs

DWN. 089: Liquid Man

DWN. 090: Noise Man

DWN. 091: Shiver Man

DWN. 092: Summer Man/Sun Man

DWN. 093: Explosion Man

DWN. 094: Space Man

DWN. 095: Stop Man

DWN. 096: Sting Man

DWN. 097: Storm Man

DWN. 098: Missile Man

DWN. 099: Kick Man

DWN. 100: Blow Man

DWN. 101: Laser Man

DWN. 102: Trident Man

DWN. 103: Boomerang Man

DWN. 104: Ball Man

DWN. 105: Pillow Man

DWN. 106: Ottoman Man

DWN. 107: Photo Man

DWN. 108: Comb Man

DWN. 109: Television Man

DWN. 110: Cloth Man

DWN. 111: Box Man

DWN. 112: Vinyl Man

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