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  • I live in a place Pinterest doesn't clutter the net with reposts and make it maddening to find the original copy of an image with undiminshed resolution by its original name and its character/show/creator info!
  • My occupation is Anything where I have creative freedom and am not made to sink a ton of time into something when there's so much more I want to do
  • I am a love rival

This user respects Vile, and wishes he would appear in the Zero series.

About me

I am Thunderush, the master volt champion! I work on the expansion of this wiki in anyway I think will help. I also don't like getting Game Overs when fighting viruses, so I have manufactured my own Battle Chip! It is an ultra-rare Tera-class Battle Chip. They are trump cards. Only 3 exist in the game (such as the recategorized Folder Recycle, which was SO broken and overpowered as a Giga Chip), and you can only use them as a last resort- when all other battle chips have been exhausted. That's how strong they really are! In this one's case, it is so strong you can only use it at the very brink of peril- with 1HP left.

I call it: Life Zero!

Mock Golden Battlechip

Had you going, didn't I? No, I just thought I could try my hand at fan art. It's for your approval. Anything that needs done to make this wiki better is my specialty.

My favorite pages

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