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aka Eddie

  • I live in I live in Earth... Why do you ask?
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Biochemistry student
  • I am Male

Introduction to me

Hello. My name is Edward (though you can call me just Eddie, or Togekiss). I'm 19 years old, and my favorite things are watching Regular Show (rip Pops, we will miss you) and other programs similar to it, as well as playing Super Smash Bros 4. competitively; I main Palutena (the gal in my avatar and my waifu) in said game, but currently can't play the game at home since my cartridge recently broke down. Still, if you'd like to add me, go ahead; my FC code is 2062-9397-5431, my name is "Ovadrivu".

What do I like to edit?

Five years ago, I used to be one of the most active users on the wiki, but I took a very long hiatus starting with my second year of contribution, I also used to be extremely immature, you can see it in my edits and their summaries. However, I still continue to edit in the MMKB (albeit ocassionaly). I sometimes edit the Mega Man classic series pages, but my main goal is to share my knowledge by adding strategies to the pages. The only strategies I cannot add are to the bosses of Mega Man & Bass and to some of Mega Man 8 since I don't own said games.

MM Games I own

Wii Virtual Console (NES/SNES)

3DS Virtual Console (GB)


Other games

All the Robot Masters


Who's your favorite one?

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