Star Force 4

  • Game background is Netopia instead of Electopia.
  • Protagonist is Netopian, Second Mega Man and Female.
  • EM is sister of Omega-Xis.
  • 6 years from Mega Man Star Force 3.
  • First Mega Man, Geo Stelar is seen in only intro.
  • Four guardians have appeared in Netopia. They born in different countries.
  • Solo (Rogue) is one of three characters that have returning. Other two is Hollow and Dr. Vega, they've been post game.
  • New zodiac EM Being, Aries. He is Netopian.
  • New SP Virus as MettennaX, etc.
  • Tera Cards that have green color.


June 7, 2022 (US)
June 9, 2022 (JP)
  • Prometheus and Pandora as Protagonist.
  • Level Up
    • Stats: Agility, Spirit, Strength, Vitality
    • EX Skills (Model C/I)
      • Ascend: Thunder (↑+A)
      • Descend: Fire (Jump+↓+A)
      • Thrust: Water (→(←)+A)
      • Dash: Wind (Dash+A)
      • Jump spin: Wood (Jump+A)
      • Sonic: Metal (A on Ground)
      • Field: Ice (↓+A)
      • Deflect: Earth (Charge Y)
  • No Main-Sub system, instead you can change equipments.
  • Eight elements
    • Thunder > Water > Fire > Wood > Ice > Wind > Metal > Earth > ...
      • Aeolus: Thunder, Wind
      • Thetis: Ice, Water
      • Atlas: Fire, Earth
      • Siarnaq: Wood, Metal
  • 20 Missions
  • Four Seasons

Retranslated PA

  1. GigaCan1: Giga lvl cannon attack!
  2. GigaCan2: Giga lvl cannon attack!
  3. GigaCan3: Giga lvl cannon attack!
  4. H-Burst: Secondary explosion after hit
  5. HeatSprd: Attcks w/ spreading fireball!
  6. BubSprd: Attcks w/ spreading bubbles!
  7. SuprSpr1: 3-shot piercing WideSht
  8. SuprSpr2: 3-shot piercing WideSht
  9. SuprSpr3: 3-shot piercing WideSht
  10. FlmCros1: Flames burn in a cross!
  11. FlmCros2: Flames burn in a cross!
  12. FlmCros3: Flames burn in a cross!
  13. BstFang1: Numerous fangs up and down
  14. BstFang2: Numerous fangs up and down
  15. BstFang3: Numerous fangs up and down
  16. MagShok1: Magnet pulls and shoks all
  17. MagShok2: Magnet pulls and shoks all
  18. MagShok3: Magnet pulls and shoks all
  19. PitHoky1: Reflect hockey attack
  20. PitHoky2: Reflect hockey attack
  21. PitHoky3: Reflect hockey attack
  22. PitRng1: 3 boome- rang atk enemies
  23. PitRng2: 3 boome- rang atk enemies
  24. PitRng3: 3 boome- rang atk enemies
  25. LifeSrd: Slices 2sq wide 3sq vrtcl
  26. TimeBom+: Set Giga TimeBomb somewhere
  27. BodyGrd: Bodyguard throws ninjastar
  28. PoisPhar: Places a poisoned Pharaoh
  29. PileDrvr: Places a PileDrvr to attack
  30. DarkNeo: Fused atk from dark fallers!