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I'm zero345. I like to play the megaman games and watches the MegaMan NT Warrior serires. I don't have much to do on week ends so i decided to write up pages for this wikia. I know a lot about the zero,zx, battle network and it's anime, and star force and it's anime. Most of the recent stuff. don't know much about classic, X or legends but I have the game Mega Man and Bass. I also have Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. I wrote several pages for this wikia. User:Zero345's Created Pages I am more active in the winter and summer.

All the Lists, and Walkthroughs of the MegaMan Battle Network Series

My favorite character from MegaMan zero are Craft from Mega Man Zero 4, he's just so cool, i don't know why. I work mostly on the Battle Network stubs and pages and the Zero stubs. I am now working on MegaMan Battle Network and Star Force Viruses, Battle Chips and Upgrades.

I have been really ambitious about editing but it seems ive bitten off more than i can chew. I dont have all the megaman battle network games and gathering all that data takes a long time. If u have any info plz and i mean plz use it.

Ive also written so many pages that i cant maintain them all. Plz and i mean plz use nay info u got. All the links to pages that i wrote are up there.

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