• Goddra2

    New Article Ideas

    October 1, 2010 by Goddra2

    So, if we're going for creative new articles, my inclination is to follow the example follows - hey, I'm still a Mega Man fan, be quiet - I just admire good work.

    And when I mean good work, I mean the kind of obsessive compulsive drive to just hurl information into the articles that may or may not be pertinent to anyone's interests - I mean, come on, Mario Wiki's got entire lists of imaginary forms of media and entertainment in-universe for the mario games, why can't we have articles on such enticing subjects as The Tendency for Dates to Go Awry in the Battle Network-Star Force Timeline?

    Okay, sorry, I'll be good.

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  • Goddra2

    I'm back!

    May 9, 2010 by Goddra2

    And not a single one of you care. Or know who the heck I am. That's perfectly fine; I'm too much of a lurker to merit notice. That said, I've been working on the Giga Freeze and Undernet articles, which now have lots more information to them. Whether that's good or bad, well...

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