The V Hanger is a pair of kunai-style weapons that allow Zero to perform quick short-ranged attacks. Though considerably shorter ranged than the Z-Saber, Zero can string together a fast five-hit combo that can inflict serious damage. The weapon can be obtained by defeating Wind Crowrang in Mega Man X7.

The V Hanger can be incredibly useful against Sigma's first form. When used while standing on the teal platform near the center of the room, the player can attack Sigma when he appears while staying mostly out of harm's way. With expert timing, it is even possible to "stun lock" Sigma and prevent him from launching any attacks at all.

Attack Damage Chart

Attack DMG Properties
First Slash 6 -
Second Slash 4 -
Third Slash 4 -
Fourth Slash 4 -
Fifth Slash 6 -
Souenbu 3 A blade of wind energy that homes in on enemies.


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