"This arm is a little different... You can't use it to attack with, but you can use it to easily gather up scattered refractor shards!"
Roll Caskett

Vacuum Arm (バキュームアーム Bakyūmu Āmu) is a Special Weapon from Mega Man Volnutt in the Mega Man Legends series that appears in Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2. It is also a skill in Namco × Capcom.

The Vacuum Arm sucks in Refractor shards near MegaMan. This weapon is very useful as it makes the collection of Zenny much easier or even possible in out-of-reach places. In the first game, its range, suction power and use time can all be upgraded. When fully upgraded it can collect all the shards in the room, adjacent hallways and sometimes behind closed doors, higher and lower grounds almost instantly. It is one of the few special weapons that can be upgraded to have infinite ammo in both Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2. Roll Caskett develops the Vacuum Arm with the items Broken Motor, the Broken Cleaner and the Broken Propeller in Mega Man Legends.


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