"Hahahah! Destroy, destroy, destroy! Hahahah! Look at me, look at me! I'm king of the mountain!"
―Vanishing Gungaroo, Mega Man X7

Vanishing Gungaroo, also known as Vanishing Gungaroon (バニシング・ガンガルン Banishingu Gangarun) in Japan, is a kangaroo-based Maverick from Mega Man X7 and member of the Red Alert Maverick hunting organization.


He begins the boss battle in his signature Ride Armor, and the player must confront him in a Ride Armor battle. Other than its basic attacks of charging punches and jumps, Gungaroo's Ride Armor can create four large close ranged shields to block oncoming attacks. These shields very slowly advance in the players direction, but are easily avoided. Once Gungaroo's Ride Armor is destroyed, the player can pummel him a little bit more before he destroys theirs. However, as most Ride Armor attacks can miss Gungaroo due to height, attempting to crush him with a jumping press can be effective.

Gungaroo can perform the following attacks:

  • Triangle Kick: An attack that he tends to use most often, is a powerful kick that he performs by bouncing himself off the barrier of the arena to send him flying directly at the player. This attack can be very damaging and Gungaroo is invincible while performing the maneuver, so be ready to get clear once he announces it.
  • One-Two-Three & Vanishing Upper: As the name implies, it is a three hit combo normally followed by a powerful uppercut. The attack can cause descent damage if caught in it and Gungaroo may not verbally announce it.
  • Back Kick: Gungaroo turns away from the player and flicks his tail, unleashing a long ranged energy wave that can also block attacks. Easily avoided by side stepping.
  • Sonic Shield: Gained when he reaches half health, this is a smaller version of his Ride Armor's shield attack.
  • Gungaroo may occasionally performing a simple dashing punch.

Gungaroo can be a tricky opponent as he is very quick and constantly dodging. Using his own strategy against him works well; perform hit and run attacks, and keep a good amount of space between him and the character if possible to avoid surprise close ranged attacks. His weaknesses Wind Cutter and Souenbu are effective if available. If X is an available character, his fully charged Buster shots can inflict a descent amount of damage, making short work of Gungaroo and his Ride Armor.


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Vanishing Gungaroo: Hahahah! Destroy, destroy, destroy! Hahahah! Look at me, look at me! I'm king of the mountain!

X: Stop it! Stop it right there! Do you know how hard we worked to rebuild this world?!

Vanishing Gungaroo: Aw, shaddup! Don't order me around, ya pile of scrap metal!

X: Shoot... Looks like there's no choice but to fight...

Vanishing Gungaroo: Blonde hair and a saber... You must be Zero! So they sent an S-Class hunter to stop me, huh?! But you'd need a dozen of 'em to beat me!!

Zero: How sweet. You look like you're having a swell time swinging around your new toy.

Vanishing Gungaroo: Stop treating me like a kid! Why I oughtta...

Zero: Hey, calm down, or you'll have to take a time out in the corner.

Vanishing Gungaroo: How do you figure, Axl? Who would've thought I'd turn out stronger than YOU! I'm not the kid you used to know!

Axl: But you're acting like a kid right now.

Vanishing Gungaroo: Don't call me a kid! I ain't that no more!

Axl: If you keep misbehaving, you won't get your snack!



  • Vanishing Gungaroo's boxer theme is a reference to boxing kangaroos.
  • Vanishing Gungaroo has a brief appearance in the last issue from Dreamwave Productions' Mega Man comic, where Zero cuts his head.
  • Magma Dragoon and Bamboo Pandamonium are also Mavericks that can be fought with Ride Armors.
  • Vanishing Gungaroo is one of two bosses in the Mega Man series as a whole to have more health (counting the health of his Ride Armor) than the other seven bosses from the game he appears. The only other instance where this happens is with Tretista Kelverian in Mega Man Zero 3.
  • It is thought that Vanishing Gungaroo is the youngest Mega Man X boss ever.
  • People say that Gungaroo sounds like the scout from Team Fortress 2 when saying "Triangle kick!"


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