"Hahahah! Destroy, destroy, destroy! Hahahah! Look at me, look at me! I'm king of the mountain!"
―Vanishing Gungaroo, Mega Man X7

Vanishing Gungaroo (バニシング・ガンガルン Vanishingu Gangarun, lit. "Vanishing Gungaroon") is one of the Maverick bosses of Mega Man X7. He begins the boss battle in his signature Ride Armor, and you have to fight him in a Ride Armor battle. Once his Ride Armor is gone, you can pummel him a little bit more before he destroys yours, and once you're both on even ground, use Wind Cutter or Souenbu to finish him.


Stage enemies

Enemies in Vanishing Gungaroo's stage, the Tunnel Base:

Dialogues from Mega Man X7

When Playing as X

Vanishing Gungaroo: Hahahah! Destroy, destroy, destroy! Hahahah! Look at me, look at me! I'm king of the mountain!

X: Stop it! Stop it right there! Do you know how hard we worked to rebuild this world?!

Vanishing Gungaroo: Aw, shaddup! Don't order me around, ya pile of scrap metal!

X: Shoot... Looks like there's no choice but to fight...

When Playing as Zero

Vanishing Gungaroo: Blonde hair and a saber... You must be Zero! So they sent an S-Class hunter to stop me, huh?! But you'd need a dozen of 'em to beat me!!

Zero: How sweet. You look like you're having a swell time swinging around your new toy.

Vanishing Gungaroo: Stop treating me like a kid! Why I oughtta...

Zero: Hey, calm down, or you'll have to take a time out in the corner.

When Playing as Axl

Vanishing Gungaroo: How do you figure, Axl? Who would've thought I'd turn out stronger than YOU! I'm not the kid you used to know!

Axl: But you're acting like a kid right now.

Vanishing Gungaroo: Don't call me a kid! I ain't that no more!

Axl: If you keep misbehaving, you won't get your snack!



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