ViA is a mysterious character introduced in Rockman X DiVE. He used to be the administrator of the Deep Log before the events of his introduction in the game, but no longers performs that task due to reasons as of yet unknown. Because of the program fault ocurring in the Deep Log, his form has changed to closely resemble Zero.


As he appears in the game, ViA shares an almost identical design of Zero as he appeared on the first Mega Man X game, although this is a result of errors in the Deep Log. However, he does distinguish himself by sporting a blue, white and dark-blue armor, not unlike RiCO's; and in contrast with Zero's red armor. Apart from that, a few design details differ from Zero's as well, such as having gems on his shoulders and different markings along his armor. His face is a deep dark blue, and shows no mouth until he sustains heavy damage. His eyes glow yellow with cat-like pupils. The sharp crystal on his helmet is red and his hair is plain white. He also has his own version of the Zero Buster, also light-blue themed.


At first, ViA demonstrates a calm but firm demeanor as he quickly dispatches Mega Scorpio to save the player. Shortly after the danger is over, however, he demonstrates a friendly and jovial behavior, poking fun at the Player for depending on RiCO too much and seeming amused at being mistaken for Zero.



  • During his introduction in the game, ViA saves the Player from Mega Scorpio, mirrorring Zero's own introduction scene in Mega Man X where he saves X from Vile.
    • Later on in the game, ViA once again comes to the Player's rescue in the fight against Vile in his Goliath Ride Armor, and is heavily damaged. This mirrors another scene in Mega Man X, in which Zero suffers heavy damage in order to destroy Vile's Ride Armor.
  • Through the datamining of the closed beta test, his artwork was found among the playable characters as well as a name attatched to it; Nought. Given ViA's design similarity to Zero, his name also shows similarity to Zero's, meaning "nothing" or "zero".
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