Vic, known as Tsuyuharu Nyūdō (入道露晴 Nyūdō Tsuyuharu) in Japan, is the operator of ElementMan.EXE and a member of the WWW in Mega Man Battle Network 6.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Vic first appears to report Ito's failure and getting busted for his attempt at hacking the JudgeTree. He also makes it clear to Baryl that although WWW will succeed, it won't be thanks to Colonel.EXE. Vic is sent to steal the Force Program from Sky Town. Although ElementMan is defeated, he manages to get the Force Program. He throws a smoke grenade to mask his escape, but Mr. Weather attempts to stop him by restraining him with his long arms. It almost succeeds, but Colonel in a CopyBot frees him by attacking Mr. Weather.

He is later seen plotting with the other members of the WWW in their base. Vic, Ito, Yuika and Blackbeard decide to break away from the WWW because of the way Baryl was treating them. They capture the Cybeast, but later lose it to Lan.

Vic appears with the rest of the WWW when they go to Central Town's school and surround Lan, Mick and Tab with SecurityBots to lure out Iris.EXE. Vic wants to call their group the Cloudy Bombers. Their plan works and then they use Iris as a hostage, while they beat up Baryl. However, Joe Mach appears in the nick of time and beats up Vic and Ito, scaring them off.

Later, Vic, Ito and Yuika try to take over the Expo and each of the members battle against Lan and MegaMan. Although they fail in NetBattling, Vic and Ito try to attack Lan physically. They are stopped by Lan's friends and jump off the Pavilion to escape capture. Vic and the rest were later found unconscious and arrested.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Vic is a weatherman fired for making inaccurate reports so he tries to use ElementMan to change the weather.


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