Viddy Narcy, known as Narcy Hide (ナルシー・ヒデ Narushī Hide) in Japan, is the operator of VideoMan.EXE. Viddy is a narcissist producer with purple hair that claims to be "beyond gender". Viddy's legal name was Hidenosuke Yamashita.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Viddy Narcy participates in The Eagle/Hawk Tournament to use the prize money to change VideoMan from analog to digital. At first Viddy tells Lan that VideoMan is dying and tells Lan to let them win so that VideoMan could die in peace. Viddy then messes with Lan's PET so that MegaMan would move in the opposite direction of wherever he tried to go. However, Lan fixed MegaMan and defeats Viddy and VideoMan.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Stream

Main article: Narcy Hide (anime)

In the anime, Viddy Narcy was a member of the Neo WWW and operates Asteroid VideoMan. Likewise, Viddy's favorite color is pink and Viddy's antics usually involve the color being used in some kind of way. Asteroid VideoMan is eventually deleted by a Program Advance by C.F. MegaMan while Narcy was arrested along with Inukai. Narcy's memory is eventually erased along with the rest of the Neo WWW members, except for Tesla.

Rockman.EXE Beast

Viddy has a Beyondard counterpart, who is apparently the mayor of the town they live in, and abuses the citizens, much to Raika and Dingo's disgust. After multiple set backs, Viddy is run out of town by the combined efforts of Searchman, Tomahawkman, and Tenguman.


Language Name Reference
English Viddy Narcy "Viddy" is a play on the word "video".
"Narcy" could be considered a play on the word "narcissist" in this situation.
Japanese Narcy Hide
(ナルシー・ヒデ, Narushī Hide)

Hidenosuke Yamashita
Narcy (ナルシー, Narushī) is the Japanese word for "narcissist".
Hide (ヒデ, Hide) is usually used as a female forename meaning "excellent/excellence" or "esteem".
The surname Yamashita (山下), is a last name meaning "(one who lives) below the mountain" or "mountain below".
The forename Hidenosuke (秀之助), is a male name. The -no (之) at the end of "Hide (秀)", means "it" or "of" and -suke (助) is a common deuterotheme for male names meaning "assist".



  • Viddy's goal appears to parallel the analog phaseout in America.
  • Viddy’s claims to be "beyond gender" likely means they identify as non-binary.
    • Despite claiming to be beyond gender, in episode 24 of Rockman.EXE Stream, Narcy has a fantasy of winning an Oscar award for being the Best Male Leading Actor of the Year before quickly questioning themself.
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