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This article is about the Beyondard VideoMan.EXE. You may be looking for his Darkloid, Asteroid or video game counterparts.

VideoMan.EXE is an antagonist in Rockman.EXE Beast. He is the NetNavi of Narcy Hide. Unlike his Darkloid and Asteroid counterparts, he has red stripes instead of green.


VideoMan is the NetNavi of Narcy Hide, who is the abusive mayor of Amita Town. Narcy sent VideoMan.EXE to destroy a restaurant, however, he and Nacry were defeated by SearchManEXE and TomahawkMan.EXE and were sent flying into a billboard. He later appears again with an army of Skarab Beast Viruses, Raika and Dingo sent out their NetNavis too delete them all, but there were too many, SearchMan.EXE then blast at the cliff amd it released a wave of water and deletesthe viruses. VideoMan.EXE then creates copies of SearchMan.EXE and TomahawkMan.EXE, but Futen sent out TenguMan.EXE to help Rika and Dingo, TenguMan.EXE used Tengu Thrust to defeat VideoMan.EXE and the copies, while sending Narcy flying once again.

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