This article is about the Darkloid VideoMan.EXE. You may be looking for his Asteroid, Beyondard, or video game counterparts.

VideoMan (ビデオマン Bideoman) is an antagonist in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. One of the Darkloids spawned from darkness under ShadeMan, VideoMan fights against MegaMan and his friends as he tries to tear down the world to make it a place solely for Darkloids.


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Unlike his video game counterpart, VideoMan is a Solo Navi who is portrayed as a Darkloid.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

VideoMan debuts attacking a movie theater with the aid of a Dimensional Area and causes the effects on the screen to happen in reality. Lan and MegaMan use Cross Fusion and try to fight him, but VideoMan defeats them. VideoMan almost deleted, as well as suffocated, both MegaMan and Lan, but Raika and SearchMan intervene just in the knick of time and destroyed one of the four Dimensional Area Generators, causing the Dimensional Area to collapse. The Man from Sharo

VideoMan returns and attacks the city with copies of MegaMan. He traps C.F. MegaMan and C.F. ProtoMan in a fight against several copies, but they are defeated and VideoMan is deleted. VideoMan Returns!

VideoMan among other revived Darkloids.

After deletion, VideoMan was revived by Dr. Regal along with all of the other deleted Darkloids for the sole purpose of attacking the NetPolice and ensuring the destruction of Control X (which was being used by the NetSavers to help locate Regal's secret space satellite), but once again he is deleted by MegaMan using Wood Soul using Side Bamboo. The Great NetPolice Battle!

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