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Vile as a Maverick Hunter

This article is about Vile in the Archie Comics series.


Vile is a Reploid created in 21XX that first had a brief appearance in Mega Man #35 among Sigma's line-up of Maverick Hunters. Vile later appeared in the 38th issue alongside Zero and other Maverick Hunters to confront the then-recently (and accidentally) reactivated Wily Walker. He noted the Wily Walker's weaponry, citing that "they sure don't build 'em like that anymore.", and declared that he wouldn't hold back in fighting the Walker. During the fight, Vile unexpectedly endangered innocents by blasting a highway, in an attempt to prevent the Wily Walker from escaping and entering the city, resulting in X and Zero calling him out on the reckless action. Vile later spitefully told X to "bite [Vile]" when X returned and cited that he wanted to help Zero keep tabs on Vile for his recent behavior. After the battle, Vile explained that his actions would reduce the trouble, as if the Wily Walker managed to enter the city, they would have to fight it while taking care to not harm the civilians.


Vile as a Maverick

Some time between his first appearance and Worlds Unite, Vile became a Maverick, was destroyed, revived, died again, and was rebuilt once again, with each revival making Vile more "mouthy" compared to before, according to Zero.

Worlds Unite

When the Maverick Hunters attack Sigma's based in Sonic Universe #76, Vile appears as part of the forces united under the leadership of Sigma and attacks the Hunters. He ended up subdued by Silver the Hedgehog, with Silver still keeping him at bay as X, Zero, and Axl pursued Sigma to an alternate dimension (or rather, an alternate dimension of that dimension).



Vile's prototype design

  • Vile's appearance in the beginning of Worlds Unite is based on a concept design of him from the first Mega Man X game.
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