"I'll show you how strong I am!"
―Vile, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Vile is an antagonist and playable character in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Once an S-Class Maverick Hunter in the 17th Elite Unit, Vile was imprisoned for his destructive behavior before is set free from his confinement by Sigma and goes on a path of destruction to prove he is superior to X.


Due to a short circuit in his brain, Vile is sadistic and loves destruction, gleefully hunting down and destroying every Maverick he is sent after while destroying much of the area surrounding him. He often disobeys orders and does what he wants, and will often be incarcerated himself for his actions. Vile chose to side with himself when the rebellion broke lose and has a deep hatred for X that spawned from jealously and confusion due to others believing X is the one who can change the world.


He joined Sigma's rebellion and helped attack the Central Highway on board Storm Eagle's Death Rogumer, he hardly followed any orders and did what he did best: causing havoc and fighting X. At first it seemed X was able to defeat him, but was captured between the fingers of Vile's Ride Armor, stating that he'll destroy him and eventually defeat Sigma as well to change the world. X was then rescued by Zero and Vile retreated. Before retreating, however, he asked Zero why he'd bother aiding a B-Class Hunter, only for the latter to rebuke Vile and coldly remind him of his Maverick status.

Vile then showed up in the Sigma Palace, having already defeated Zero like in the original game and laid him in a hallway as a bait for X. When X approaches Zero, Vile appears and catches him with his Ride Armor (though it was implied via dialogue on Vile's part that he was considering letting X go, though only because he thinks that him destroying X would be part of Sigma's plan and he doesn't like following orders[2]). However, he had underestimated Zero, who was able to stand up and destroy the Ride Armor, as in the original Mega Man X, forcing Vile to face X without the Ride Armor. After a long battle, he was destroyed by X, with him only expressing shock and denial at losing to X.

Vile Mode

In Maverick Hunter X's Vile Mode, an unlockable bonus mode, Vile took a different path. Instead of joining Sigma's rebellion, Vile decided to prove to Sigma that he was better and more powerful than X. After fighting X on the Central Highway, he decided to battle against Sigma's followers to gain more power and reputation. Though most of the eight main Mavericks were rather friendly to him (and offered to let him leave), he destroyed all of them and obtained their powers in order to create new weapons. Afterwards, Sigma extended an invitation to fight against him in order to prove whether he is indeed worthy. Ultimately, he infiltrated Sigma's fortress and fought his way through it until he was cornered by X and Zero. Both of them battled him at the same time, yet were defeated by him.

After defeating both of them, Vile admitted that X, whom he hated more than anyone else, had grown stronger, but was still a wimp to the very end and never had the power to change the world. He then proceeded to beat up X's already injured body by kicking it around and then stomping savagely on X's head while angrily demanding that he show him his true power. He was then attacked by a weakened Zero before he could deliver the finishing blow with his cannon, who grounded him (as well as commented that Vile's comments of changing the world was "Maverick talk") before he was hit by X's charged shot. When he awakened, he was accompanied by Sigma. Heavily damaged, he asked what was so important about X. Yet, instead of answering, Sigma asked Vile why he did all this and whether he wanted to stand before him as a Maverick Hunter or kneeling before him at his mercy. Upon this question, Vile wasn't unable to comply and started laughing, stating that he wasn't actually sure about it himself. He was then left by Sigma (though not before radioing some of his men to "retrieve Vile"). As he walked away, Vile stated that by fighting X, he proved the right of his existence, that he is Vile. But as he reached out to stop Sigma from leaving, his functions ceased, and he was left frozen in his desperate position.


Ride Armor

Vile is invincible in both battles against him with his Ride Armor in Mega Man X. He is frequently moving and attacks by dashing and punching. After lowering X's health, he will end the battle by firing paralyzing projectiles from his shoulder cannon until he catches X. While attempting to catch X, Vile will keep distance from him to avoid causing more harm, which can result in the player losing a life and repeating the battle. If the player reaches Vile with low health, he may start using his paralyzing attack from the beginning.


  • Charge (突進) - Vile charges forward with the Ride Armor, causing contact damage.
  • Dash Punch (ダッシュパンチ) - A dash punch.
  • When X is weakened, Vile will fire paralyzing projectiles from his shoulder cannon in several angles until he lands a hit, ending the battle.

In the remake Maverick Hunter X, Vile can be harmed and must be defeated to complete the stage. Vile mainly attacks by jumping on X, and will occassionally punch and fire paralyzing projectiles from his shoulder cannon. He can only be harmed by shooting on his head, as the Ride Armor is immune to damage. Unlike the original game, the stage can be revisited and Vile can be fought any number of times. Hadoken can't be used against him due to his head being out of range, but a fully charged shot from the Arm Parts obtained from Zero will be lethal.


Vile appears in the first stage from Sigma's hideout. X tries to face him, however, the same battle from the Opening Stage repeats, with X being unable to cause damage and being caught by Vile when his health is low. After his capture, Zero breaks free and destroys Vile's Ride Armor. Angry with the loss of his friend, X breaks free from the trap and his health refills, facing Vile in a one-on-one battle. Vile has high mobility, constantly dashing and jumping while attacking. He is weak to Rolling Shield. Homing Torpedo also causes


  • Dash Attack (ダッシュ攻撃) - Vile can dash at high speed, causing contact damage.
  • Head Bomb (ヘッドボム) - Vile jumps over X and drops bombs from his knee. Upon impact, it splits in two spheres that spread through the ground. Causes 4 points of damage.
  • Electric Shock Bullet (電撃弾) - Vile can fire paralyzing projectiles from his shoulder cannon in several angles. They cause no damage, but X will be stunned when hit, being open for attacks.

In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Vile is encountered in the third Sigma Palace stage, and the Ride Armor battle doesn't repeat as Vile captures X with the Ride Armor's hand as soon as he appears, being freed when Zero destroys the Ride Armor. Despite being angry for Zero's loss, as X isn't defeated by Vile before the actual battle, his health will not recover during the scene. Vile uses attacks similar to the ones used in the original game and in his playable appearance.


Note: Attack names are unofficial.
  • Dash Attack - Vile dashes at high speed to cause damage, being shrouded with energy while dashing.
  • Napalm - Vile jumps over X and drops a bomb from his knee, releasing a large flame when it hits the ground.
  • Cannon - Vile fires electric spheres from his shoulder cannon in a curved angle. Upon impact, the spheres split in two and spread through the ground. It causes no damage, but can temporarily paralyze X.
  • Vulcan - Vile fires bullets from his fingers.
  • Laser - Vile fires a blue laser beam from his shoulder cannon straight forward.

The Day of Σ

Shortly before Sigma declared war on humanity, Vile was arrested by the Hunters for unknown reasons; Zero claimed that he "must have caused a ruckus again". It is presumed that he, once again, disobeyed orders from superior officers and/or threatened the safety of his comrades and innocent bystanders while hunting Mavericks. During the chaotic search for the perpetrator who hacked the Hunters' database (which was actually Sigma himself) and the defense of Abel City from another berserk Mechaniloid, Vile was freed by his former commander. Sigma requested his assistance in defeating X, saying that he needed a Reploid that could go Maverick of his own volition. Eventually, Sigma left Vile, alone and freed of his chains, with open access to his arsenal, so he could make the decision to join Sigma's rebellion.

Damage Data Charts



X Mode

Central Highway

X: Vile! I should have known you'd be involved in Sigma's rebellion!

Vile: Rebellion? Ha ha ha ha... I don't know what you're talking about!

X: !?

Vile: I'm just here to cause trouble for you! I hate you!

Sigma's Palace

X: Zero!?

(X tries to approach Zero's body, but is captured by Vile's Ride Armor.)

X: Aagh!

Vile: Ha ha ha... You're no different than Zero...You worried about Sigma when you should've been worried about me!

X: Vile! You...

Vile: Hm... I guess my destroying you here is all part of Sigma's plan. I don't usually like following other people's plans.

(The Ride Armor starts squeezing X some more.)

X: Aaaaaagh!

(Zero gets up and grabs onto the Ride Armor.)

Vile: Wha-!? Zero! You're harder to destroy than I thought!

Zero: X! There's nothing more you can do. It's over!

(Zero sacrifices himself in order to destroy the Ride Armor)

X: Zero! Zerooooo!

Vile Mode

Central Highway

X: Vile! What are you doing here?

Vile: X... Ha ha ha ha... How do you like being Sigma's puppet?

X: You've been drawn into Sigma's rebellion as well?

Vile: Rebellion? I couldn't care less! I just hate you! That's all!

Sigma's Palace

X: Stop right there!

Zero: You've really caused a lot of havoc, Vile...

Vile: Yeah? I was just taking care of a few loose ends.

X: So you're not on Sigma's side? You two aren't friends?

Vile: Friends? I don't have any. Not now... Not ever. I only know one thing for sure, X... You are my enemy!


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