Vile Stage (VAVAステージ VAVA Sutēji) is a short optional stage in Mega Man X3 that has Vile MK-II as the boss.

Accessing the stage

After defeating two of the eight bosses, warp capsules leading to Vile's stage will appear in three stages. The capsules disappear after the stage is cleared or when the eight bosses are defeated.

MMX3 Warp Capsule (Shipyard) Shipyard Stage (Crush Crawfish's stage)
Behind a wall from the area with ladders.
MMX3 Warp Capsule (Power Management Center) Power Management Center Stage (Volt Catfish's stage)
Under the first elevator, which will only move when the capsule is present.
MMX3 Warp Capsule (Frozen Town) Frozen Town Stage (Blizzard Buffalo's stage)
Inside a pit in the end of the area with Ice De Voux.


The stage is set inside an abandoned factory that Vile set up as a trap for X. When X finds Vile, he reveals that the factory is set to self-destruct in a matter of minutes, and keeps him busy to make sure he won't escape. After X defeats Vile, X has 50 seconds to escape from the factory before it is too late. After escaping, X returns to the stage where he found the capsule.

If the player doesn't access the stage or defeats Vile without the Special Weapon that is his weakness, Vile will escape and appears as the boss from Doppler Stage B. If Vile is defeated with his weakness (Spinning Blade or Ray Splasher), he will be destroyed and Volt Kurageil appears in his place in the Doppler Stage, and the stage will also have the sub-boss Mosquitus, allowing X to obtain Zero's saber.



  • A warp capsule to the stage was present in Toxic Seahorse's stage during the game's development.[1]


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