Virgo Noise (ヴァルゴノイズ) is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Virgo, which formerly was EM counterpart of Queen Virgo


Virgo Noise's main color is white, with blue lines across body parts. The shoulders and the head are boxed extensions, rather unfitting and almost separated from the body.


Virgo Noise is one of the two aqua-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Cancer Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. It focuses on inflicting the Freeze effect, largely due to the presence of its wide-range Charge Shot. Combining this Noise with the Charge Ice Ability Wave allows one to easily create Ice Panels to freeze the opponent with. Folders built around Virgo Noise also tend to use powerful single-hit Breaking cards to fully utilize the x2 bonus to frozen enemies. Its immunity to Freeze and Bubble also allows it to counter the abilities of opposing Virgo and Cancer Noises.

Noise Form

  • Freeze Body and Bubble Body - Immune to Freeze and Bubble effects.
  • Non-dimming Aqua cards gain +30 attack.

Vibrant Noise

  • Element: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Weakness: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Charge Shot: Aqua Wave
    • Fires a 3-panel wide wave that pierces through enemies, inflicting (10 x Buster Attack + 10) Aqua damage.
  • NFB: Dyna Wave

Ability Waves

  • Charge Ice/50
  • Freeze Body/600

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