The Volcanic Zone Stage (火山地帶ステージ) is Flame Stag's stage from Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. It is a cluster of active volcanoes which Flame Stag threatens to erupt.


Mega Man X2

The stage begins outside, but has several indoor segments where X enters the volcanic landscape. There are Beetrons which will follow X and try to ram him, but they can be used as platforms or battering rams to break open certain spots in the rock. At the end of the first indoor segment, lava will begin to rise, forcing X to climb upwards before it consumes him. X will then pop back outside again before heading to a second indoor segment. This segment has the X-Hunter room hidden upwards, or Flame Stag's door straight ahead and upwards.


Mega Man Xtreme

A digital recreation of the Volcanic Zone appears in the hacked Mother Computer from the Hunter Base in Normal Mode. It is basically the same as the one in Mega Man X2, but has the Shadow Hunters in the X-Hunters' place, a Light Capsule instead of a Sub Tank.


  • Life Up: During the area with the rising lava, quickly destroy the Bar Waying blocking the Life Up and grab it.
  • Sub Tank (X2): Stand on the back of the first Beetron to make it rise up, then jump to the ledge in the top left to find the Sub Tank.
  • Body Parts (Xtreme): After entering the second indoor area, dash jump to the right to easily find the capsule in an alcove.

Other media

The Volcanic Zone appeared in the Rockman X2 manga.