Volt Catfish, known as Electro Namazuros (エレキテル・ナマズロス Erekiteru Namazurosu) in Japan, is a Catfish-based Maverick in Mega Man X3. He has an incredible power generator built into his body, which he used to provide power to cities during times of crisis. Once a playful soul before the virus took him over, he now wreaks havoc at the Power Control Center, siphoning the power off to Doppler's research facility.

His weapon is Triad Thunder, but proper use of Tornado Fang can prevent him from attacking much.


Mega Man X3 stats:

  • Power: 8200rp
  • Speed: 1600rp

Stage enemies

Enemies in Volt Catfish's stage in Mega Man X3:

Enemies in Volt Catfish's stage in Mega Man Xtreme 2:

Other Media

Rockman X

In the Rockman X3 manga, he wreaked havoc by taking control of a city's electricity, but was eventually defeated by X. When he reverted back to his original mental state, he began to remember the times when he and X were good friends. Realizing all the troubled that he had caused, he sacrificed himself to return the city's electricity by using his own body as a replacement generator. He makes a cameo appearance in a remembrance scene at the end of the Rockman X4 manga.

Rockman X Mega Mission

In the cardass, Mega Mission 3, he is revived as Electro Namazuros HL, and infiltrated the Maverick Hunter base with other three Mavericks disguised as a recruit hunter under the alias Braun Eleci.



Volt Catfish's Intro
(Mega Man X3, PSX version)
  Volt Catfish's Stage theme
(Mega Man Xtreme 2)


  • In his animated intro sequence on the CD-Rom versions of Mega Man X3, a robot similar in appearance to Auto can be seen in the background watching TV while Volt Catfish swims down the pipes.
  • If X has the Z-Saber, he can use it and knock out one of Volt Catfish's circular electric shields, reducing the power of his charge attack.

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