Volt Kurageil (ボルト・クラゲール Boruto Kuragēru) is a giant aquatic boss from Mega Man X3. It appears as the boss of Doppler Stage 2, but only if Vile MK-II was already destroyed by his weakness in his stage beforehand. Its only purpose is to stop intruders from infiltrating Dr. Doppler's Laboratory.


Volt Kurageil can attack with electric shots, missiles, and firing the two hooks from its tentacles. Its weaknesses are Frost Shield and Triad Thunder.

  • Light Bullet (光弾) - Volt Kurageil shoots a ball of light at the player.
  • Claw Attack (爪攻撃) - Kurageil launches one of its tentacle claws.
  • Guided Bullet (-弾) - Kurageil launches a homing missile through the water. This attack is only used while the player is underwater.


  • "Kurageil" derived from kurage, the Japanese word for jellyfish, the animal that Volt Kurageil is modelled after.


  • Volt Kurageil's weakness to Triad Thunder may be explained by the fact that jellyfish are made almost entirely of water. Ironically, it uses electrical attacks itself.
  • Leganchor the Gelroid from Mega Man ZX bears a resemblance to Volt Kurageil.