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WAZA, known as WAXA (read as ワクサ Wakusa) in Japan, is an organization introduced in Mega Man Star Force 3 that oversees space technology. Prior to Star Force 3, it was known as NAZA, known as NAXA (read as ナクサ Nakusa) in Japan. It is the Mega Man Star Force series counterpart of JAXA.


In the year 22XX, NAZA is an Electopia space exploration agency (ニホンうちゅうかがくきょく "Nihon Space Science Station") with an aim to create a BrotherBand with life forms beyond Earth. 3 years before the first Mega Man Star Force, they launched a space station called Peace, known as Kizuna in Japan (きずな Kizuna "Bonds"). It stationed multiple astronauts, one of them being Kelvin Stelar. However an incident occurred (Planet FM took the astronauts hostage) that made the space station disappear from their radar. After a few months, they could only find a section of the station with none of the astronauts. Due to the Peace disaster, NAZA halted all plans on the project.

In the time since then until Star Force 3, the administration had converted its name to WAZA and has many branches in different countries. In Star Force 3, they are shown cooperating with the Satella Police. The Electopia base is called the National WAZA HQ, known as WAXA Nihon Branch (WAXAニホンしぶ) in Japan. However, during the events of Star Force 3, all of WAZA's main headquarters outside of Electopia were destroyed by Meteor G.

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  • The name "NAXA" and "WAXA" are likely a reference to JAXA. The English name uses a Z, likely so their phonetically sounds closer to NASA.
  • According to Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works, the WAZA HQ is in the crater of Mount Belenus.
  • Legendary Master Shin also reveals his Visualizer is made using NAZA technology.
  • In Mega Man Star Force 3, when the player visits the Natl WAZA HQ after being told to delete a virus in the in the information board. An error warning will appear on the touch screen and rather than saying, "Left Satella Police Right WAZA," it will say, "Left Satella Police Right WAZAP!?." This could be a reference to the Whazzap village from Mega Man Star Force 2.

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  • NAXA - Netopia's space agency in 20XX, it is unknown what its current state is with WAZA.