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WWW Area is a secret area from Mega Man Battle Network 2 used as a headquarters by the restored WWW, available after completing the game, with a portal found within the Undernet. It is by far the most difficult area of the game as it is completely impossible to jack-out, it houses severely powerful viruses (which cannot be escaped from) and very strong Bosses. All the while requiring rather strict requirements to progress or even enter the area in the first place.


The WWW Area is a rather colorful area, both the background music and the design give it a somewhat mysterious feeling. Progress within the WWW Area is completely dependant on several factors, including the player's ability to face powerful viruses (being unable to run from any battle), and the player's achievements during the game, including Chip Library completion, MegaMan's Level, and the acquisition of the SS and SSS Licenses. Furthermore, the deeper they are in the area, the more maze-like and complex it becomes with multiple paths and conveyors belts for further trickery.


At some point during the game, MegaMan investigates the area and faces the guards PharaohMan and NapalmMan. After reaching the final door, PlanetMan appears and reveals the area is WWW's HQ and he is the current leader. Everything that happened was a test to choose a NetNavi to join the organization and help them destroy the Net and conquer the world. As MegaMan is not interested in joining the criminal organization, he battles PlanetMan to stop the WWW. After deleting the WWW leader, MegaMan heads to the exit and is confronted by the real Bass.

Although the WWW Navis are stopped, the site nonetheless succeeded in recruiting new members for their new attack on the Net during the next game.

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