Wall Blaster (ウォールブラスター Wōruburasutā) is a protection system that fires from its eight cores, alternating between normal shots that aim at enemies or lasers shot straight forward. These walls appear in the stages of Vanishing Gungaroo and Splash Warfly. Attack and destroy the eight cores when they reveal themselves to defeat it. A well placed Volt Tornado can take out all the cores at once.

Amusingly, many of the walls can be bypassed completely. The wall in Warfly's Battleships stage does not need to be destroyed to progress. (The player can simply climb up the side walls while carefully avoiding the flames.) The non-lethal acid segment in Gungaroo's Tunnel Base stage contains walls which do not impede the player, allowing them to be skipped as well. In fact, the player can attack the cores from behind when they appear, making for an easy clearing.


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