The Wanaan (ワナーン Wanān) is an indestructible trap robot created to catch intruders. It hides out in pipes and if Mega Man stands on a Wanaan pipe for too long, it will leap out with a snap to get him with its jaws. Wanaan is found in Hard Man's stage and Wily Stage 2 in Mega Man 3. It is erroneously referred to as 'Wanaaan' in the credits for Mega Man II.


Crunchran (クランチラン Kuranchiran) is an enemy from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass similar to the Wanaan. They move around in the floor like a shadow and can appear suddenly from the shadow to attack. It can be destroyed with weapons that fire low to the ground. They are located in Astro Man's stage in both games and in King Stage 2 in Mega Man & Bass.

Other Media

A Wanaan appears on the Variant Cover of Mega Man #40.


"Wanaan" is probably derived from the Japanese word "wana" (罠, trap).

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