Water is a recurring substance in the Mega Man franchise. Water is harmless by itself, but can be hazardous under certain circumstances. Those include being pushed, pulled, or harmed by water, and water appearing as replacements for Bottomless Pits.

As most playable characters are machines, they can stay underwater without side effects, and they are able to jump heighter due to buyoancy. However, in Mega Man Zero 4 it is shown that Zero can't stay on deep areas for too long, suggesting that some Reploids would not be able to stand the pressure.

In the Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Legends series human-like characters can't submerge as they can't breath underwater, only swimming on the surface in Mega Man ZX or requiring a breathing device in Mega Man Legends 2.


Game Details
Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up First appearance, in Ice Man's Stage and Wily Stage 3 (water pushes the player)
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3 Gemini Man's stage, Wily Stage 1 Kamegoro Maker
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5 Wave Man's stage - Marine Bike. Water also appears in Wily Stage 2.
Mega Man 6 Centaur Man's stage contains an area with water on the ceiling. Water also makes a brief appearance in Plant Man's, Yamato Man's, and Blizzard Man's stages. It makes a normal appearance in Wily Stage 3.
Mega Man 7 Rain in Cloud Man's stage and liquid chemicals in Burst Man's stage and Wily Stage 3.
Mega Man 8 Mega Man can swim, Aqua Man's stage and theintro stage
Mega Man 9 Splash Woman's stage and Wily Stage 2
Mega Man 10 Pump Man's stage
Mega Man X Launch Octopus' stage, and Sigma Stage 3
Mega Man X2 Bubble Crab's stage
Mega Man X3 Toxic Seahorse's stage
Mega Man X4 Jet Stingray's stage - Ride Chaser
Mega Man X5 Tidal Whale's stage
Mega Man X6 Rainy Turtloid's stage (slightly above bottomless pits) Nightmare Rain
Mega Man Zero Blizzack Staggroff and Fairy Leviathan's stage
Mega Man Zero 2 Poler Kamrous and Fairy Leviathan's stage
Mega Man Zero 3 Childre Inarabitta and Blizzack Staggroff's stage. In Volteel Biblio's stage, electric cables will shock the water on contact.
Mega Man Zero 4 Although Zero can stay underwater, he can only withstand the pressure from deep ocean areas for a limited time.
Mega Man ZX Area F and Area J. In Area K, staying on hot water and touching geysers will cause damage
Mega Man ZX Advent Arctic Ice Floe, Highway, Waterfall Ruins, Bio Lab and Undersea Volcano

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