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The WaterWorksComp (unofficial name) is a network location found in MegaMan Battle Network belonging to the WaterWorks and serves as the game's third stage. It is hacked by IceMan.EXE.


The network resembles a water processing plant, full of pumps, giant pipes and an icy background. The network is frozen solid in several parts with the ice forcing MegaMan.EXE to slide which limits how the player can travel. Precise direction is needed when sliding to land where the player wishes, especially true in parts where the player must move diagonally.

There are several pumps which must be opened in order to thaw the ice to proceed further, but the pumps must be turned off again as the water also impedes progress. At some point the player must find the true path in a large area full of holes where the player must slide in the precise one.


When WWW kidnaps Dr. Froid's son, he is coerced into working for them to hack the WaterWorks to acquire the Aqua Program for them. When the hacking occurs the water in all of Den City is put to an abrupt halt, causing severe distress and desperation for the dehydrated population.

Lan and MegaMan venture into the network to solve the problem and seemingly fix it after battling ColdBears. However Lan commits a mistake and releases polluted water instead causing part of the citizens to become contaminated. Chaud contacts Lan about his mistake and to not get himself involved any further.

Lan and MegaMan receive an email from Yai who tells them that the boy who was recently kidnapped from their school is Tory Froid and that the WWW is behind it. Lan then connects the dots, behind Dr. Froid's motives.

Lan finds Tory in a car and sets him free so they try to talk reason into Dr. Froid but they fail and try to reach him from the network. They find IceMan but both him and his operator refuse to listen and a battle occurs with MegaMan as the victor. With their enemies calming down they are able to tell them that Tory is safe. ProtoMan.EXE tries to have IceMan and Dr. Froid arrested as Lan and MegaMan try to plead with him that he was innocent. The Officials refuse to listen until they learn that the hacking was a distraction in order to steal the Aqua Program. The officials then find the true perpetrator ColorMan.EXE, who successfully steals the program and retreats.

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