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Wave Burner (ウェーブバーナー Wēbu Bānā) is Burner Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man & Bass. It is a short-ranged flamethrower that can hit enemies multiple times while active. When used by Mega Man, the flames are red; when used by Bass, the flames are green, like Burner Man's flames. The Wave Burner can also break ice blocks, destroy explosive boxes (marked with a fire logo), and can act as a small light source in dark areas.

When used underwater, it is unable to create flames and harm enemies, but releases waves that can push some objects and enemies, such as the floating spiked mines in Pirate Man's stage.

Wave Burner is Pirate Man's weakness, and is capable of preventing his bouncing water bubble attack and popping the bubble once the attack starts, sending Pirate Man headfirst into the floor. It also will ignite him for a split second if he is hit while the weapon is used outside of the water. This weapon is also the weakness of Jet King Robo, and is the only weapon capable of destroying Spinning Gabyoalls in its source game.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man & Bass.

WaveBurnerIcon Wave Burner MMB-WaveBurner-Bass-Icon
Boss Damage
Green Devil 2
Cold Man 2
Burner Man 0
Pirate Man 3:4
Ground Man 1
Tengu Man 1
Magic Man 2
Astro Man 1
Dynamo Man 1
Atetemino Proto 0
King 1
Jet King Robo 5
Wily Machine 1
Wily Capsule 1
  • Hitting Pirate Man with Wave Burner will do 3 units of damage when he is underwater. When exposed to the air however, the weapon will inflict 4 units of damage instead.




  • In the instruction manual for the English version of the GBA game, this weapon's name is mistranslated as "Web Burner".
  • Mega Man's color scheme for the Wave Burner is identical to that of the Flame Sword's color scheme.

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