Wave Command Card

Wave Command Card (ウェーブコマンドカード Wēbu Komando Kādo) is a touch command system from Mega Man Star Force 2 that allows players to input codes by using cards sold separate from the game itself. This system was removed from European versions of the game. The bottom left of the cards contain a five-digit number that can be used in Star Carrier toys.



Wave Command Card screen.

To input a Wave Command Card, the player has to press Select from the Mega submenu, or whilst highlighting a Blank Card in the Battle Card inventory. Then, the player has to place the Wave Command Card over the touch screen, and touch the portions of the screen in the correct order, thereby inputting the code and providing the player with the Battle Card or bonuses from the code.


Wave Command Cards are capable of changing Blank Cards into different Battle Cards; however, only one copy of a Wave Command-altered Battle Card is allowed.

In addition to this, they can spawn items and Zenny for the player, and even provide the player with abilities and boosts, ranging from HP increase to an ability to start off in a certain Tribe. They can also modify encountered enemies, turning some viruses giant, or changing SP bosses to DX forms. Some bonus shops are also made available to the player if certain Wave Command Cards are used.

Blank Cards


Blank Card (ブランクカード Buranku Kādo) is a blank Battle Card that can change into other Battle Cards with Wave Command Cards. Blank Cards can be overwritten any number of times by pressing the Select button over them while they aren't equipped in the Folder. To help identify them, the name of overwritten Blank Cards is blue instead of white.

There are 10 Blank Cards in the game:

Also, the book Mega Man Star Force 2 Wave Command Card Kit comes with real Blank Cards with 20 holes to be used as reference for the Wave Command Cards.

List of Wave Command Cards

There is a total of 279 Wave Command Cards, divided into nine different categories:

Battle Cards

There are 107 cards divided in Standard, Mega, and Giga classes that can be used in Blank Cards.

#Battle Card
Japanese name (English Name)
Standard Cards
Battle Card: S-001Plasma Spread (PlasmaSprd)If hit emy, adj pnls are paralyzed.150
Battle Card: S-002Impact Hook (ImpactHook)Left hook all enemies at once.180
Battle Card: S-003Search Missile (SrchMissle)Missile atk. Targets only elm emies.200
Battle Card: S-004Destroy Upper (DstryUpper)In match, Uprcut nulls 3 spcl abils120
Battle Card: S-005Elec Grenade (ElecGrnde)Lob bomb to paralyze fwd 9 panels.130
Battle Card: S-006Sonic Sword (SonicSword)Cuts emies in next row 3 times.80
Battle Card: S-007Giant Axe (GiantAxe)Swing Wood ax thru 3x2 sqrs.270
Battle Card: S-008Ice Meteor (IceMeteor)Hit nearest emy's row w/ IceMeteor140
Battle Card: S-009Green Meteor (WoodMeteor)Hit nearest emy's row w/ WoodMeteor160
Battle Card: S-010Zetsuen Meteor (SevrMeteor)Hit nearest emy's row w/ SevrMeteor180
Battle Card: S-011Count Bomb (TimeBomb)Set bomb 2 pnls ahead. 3 sec timer.260
Battle Card: S-012Pulse Noise (PulseNoise)Radiating sound atk. Make HP bug.170
Battle Card: S-013Warrior Blood (WrriorSoul)MaxBstr & SprArmr. In exch. HP Bug
Battle Card: S-014Muramasa Blade (Muramasa)Sword Atk is as strong as you are weak
Battle Card: S-015Tetsumetsu Meteor (ExtiMeteor)Rain down 21 Meteors on far 9 panls.90
Battle Card: S-016All Poison (AllPoison)Turn entire field into poisn panels
Battle Card: S-017Fire+30 (Fire+30) +30 atk pwr to Fire elm cards.
Battle Card: S-018Aqua+30 (Aqua+30) +30 atk pwr to Aqua elm cards.
Battle Card: S-019Elec+30 (Elec+30) +30 atk pwr to Elec elm cards.
Battle Card: S-020Wood+30 (Wood+30) +30 atk pwr to Wood elm cards.
Battle Card: S-021Power Song (PowerSong)White Lu-Pelvis sings str goes up.
Battle Card: S-022Quake Song (QuakeSong)White Lupi-Natra sings emy halted.
Battle Card: S-023Trip Song (TripSong)White Lupa-Donna sings emy confu.
Mega Class Cards
Battle Card: M-001Phantom Black (DrkPhntm)Phantom atks fwd pnl with Phantom Claw130
Battle Card: M-002Phantom Black EX (DrkPhntmEX)Phantom atks fwd pnl with Phantom Claw170
Battle Card: M-003Phantom Black SP (DrkPhntmSP)Phantom atks fwd pnl with Phantom Claw200
Battle Card: M-004Yeti Blizzard (YetiBlzzrd)Atk 3x3 pnls w/ 6 snoball rounds.120
Battle Card: M-005Yeti Blizzard EX (YtBlzzrdEX)Atk 3x3 pnls w/ 6 snoball rounds.150
Battle Card: M-006Yeti Blizzard SP (YtBlzzrdSP)Atk 3x3 pnls w/ 6 snoball rounds.180
Battle Card: M-007Burai (Rogue)4-shot consecutive fwd attack40
Battle Card: M-008Burai EX (RogueEX)4-shot consecutive fwd attack50
Battle Card: M-009Burai SP (RogueSP)4-shot consecutive fwd attack60
Battle Card: M-010Brachio Wave (PlesioSrf)Hit nearest emy's row w/ Aqua Fang.150
Battle Card: M-011Brachio Wave EX (PlsioSrfEX)Hit nearest emy's row w/ Aqua Fang.180
Battle Card: M-012Brachio Wave SP (PlsioSrfSP)Hit nearest emy's row w/ Aqua Fang.210
Battle Card: M-013Condor Geograph (TerraCndr)3-shot misle atk straight down 3 rows.40
Battle Card: M-014Condor Geograph EX (TrraCndrEX)3-shot misle atk straight down 3 rows.50
Battle Card: M-015Condor Geograph SP (TrraCondorSP)3-shot misle atk straight down 3 rows.60
Battle Card: M-016Empty (Hollow)Thunder atk to the far 3x2 panels.130
Battle Card: M-017Empty EX (HollowEX)Thunder atk to the far 3x2 panels.150
Battle Card: M-018Empty SP (HollowSP)Thunder atk to the far 3x2 panels.170
Battle Card: M-019Ox Fire (TaurusFire)TaurusFire covers field in flames!100
Battle Card: M-020Ox Fire EX (TaursFireEX)TaurusFire covers field in flames!140
Battle Card: M-021Ox Fire SP (TaursFireSP)TaurusFire covers field in flames!180
Battle Card: M-022Harp Note (HarpNote)5-shot if in frnt of emy. 3 if not.20
Battle Card: M-023Harp Note EX (HarpNoteEX)5-shot if in frnt of emy. 3 if not.25
Battle Card: M-024Harp Note SP (HarpNoteSP)5-shot if in frnt of emy. 3 if not.30
Battle Card: M-025Ophiuchus Queen (QnOphiuca)2 columns atk. Left 2 if frm cntr.120
Battle Card: M-026Ophiuchus Queen EX (QnOphiucaEX)2 columns atk. Left 2 if frm cntr.140
Battle Card: M-027Ophiuchus Queen SP (QnOphiucaSP)2 columns atk. Left 2 if frm cntr.160
Battle Card: M-028Gemini Spark (GeminSpark)GeminiSpark tagteam pnch and slice!70
Battle Card: M-029Gemini Spark EX (GemnSpkEX)GeminiSpark tagteam pnch and slice!80
Battle Card: M-030Gemini Spark SP (GemnSpkSP)GeminiSpark tagteam pnch and slice!90
Battle Card: M-031Cancer Bubble (CancrBuble)From nearest enemy, 3x2 tidal wave!100
Battle Card: M-032Cancer Bubble EX (CancrBublEX)From nearest enemy, 3x2 tidal wave!130
Battle Card: M-033Cancer Bubble SP (CancrBublSP)From nearest enemy, 3x2 tidal wave!150
Battle Card: M-034Goat Kungfu (KngFooKid)Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash25
Battle Card: M-035Goat Kungfu EX (KngFooKdEX)Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash30
Battle Card: M-036Goat Kungfu SP (KngFooKdSP)Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash35
Battle Card: M-037Auriga General (GenAuriga)Unblockable 3-column rush attack.160
Battle Card: M-038Auriga General EX (GnAurgaEX)Unblockable 3-column rush attack.190
Battle Card: M-039Auriga General SP (GnAurgaSP)Unblockable 3-column rush attack.220
Battle Card: M-040Apollon Flame (ApolloFlm)Fwd 3x3 Solar Flare attack!190
Battle Card: M-041Apollon Flame EX (AplloFlmEX)Fwd 3x3 Solar Flare attack!220
Battle Card: M-042Apollon Flame SP (AplloFlmSP)Fwd 3x3 Solar Flare attack!250
Battle Card: M-043Burai Sword (RogueSwrd)Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you!50
Battle Card: M-044Burai Sword EX (RgueSwrdEX)Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you!70
Battle Card: M-045Burai Sword SP (RgueSwrdSP)Rogue slices enemies in frnt of you!100
Battle Card: M-046Cygnus Wing (CygnusWing)CygnusWing dances round field edge!130
Battle Card: M-047Cygnus Wing EX (CygnsWingEX)CygnusWing dances round field edge!170
Battle Card: M-048Cygnus Wing SP (CygnsWingSP)CygnusWing dances round field edge!300
Battle Card: M-049Libra Balance (LibraScals)2-hit Fire, Aqua on last and 1st row.70
Battle Card: M-050Libra Balance EX (LibrScalsEX)2-hit Fire, Aqua on last and 1st row.90
Battle Card: M-051Libra Balance SP (LibrScalsSP)2-hit Fire, Aqua on last and 1st row.150
Battle Card: M-052Wolf Forest (WolfWoods)Dart to emy, slice row, then upper!80
Battle Card: M-053Wolf Forest EX (WolfWoodsEX)Dart to emy, slice row, then upper!90
Battle Card: M-054Wolf Forest SP (WolfWoodsSP)Dart to emy, slice row, then upper!170
Battle Card: M-055Crown Thunder (CrwnThundr)2nd to last row center, X lightng atk.150
Battle Card: M-056Crown Thunder EX (CrwnThndrEX)2nd to last row center, X lightng atk.180
Battle Card: M-057Crown Thunder SP (CrwnThndrSP)2nd to last row center, X lightng atk.330
Battle Card: M-058Pegasus Magic (PegasusMgc)Shoots Frost Missiles dwn all columns.140
Battle Card: M-059Pegasus Magic EX (PegasuMgcEX)Shoots Frost Missiles dwn all columns.190
Battle Card: M-060Pegasus Magic SP (PegasuMgcSP)Shoots Frost Missiles dwn all columns.260
Battle Card: M-061Leo Kingdom (LeoKingdom)Set the far 3x2 panels on fire!230
Battle Card: M-062Leo Kingdom EX (LeoKingdmEX)Set the far 3x2 panels on fire!260
Battle Card: M-063Leo Kingdom SP (LeoKingdmSP)Set the far 3x2 panels on fire!400
Battle Card: M-064Dragon Sky (DragonSky)Flowring atk on cntr col and bck row.170
Battle Card: M-065Dragon Sky EX (DragonSkyEX)Flowring atk on cntr col and bck row.200
Battle Card: M-066Dragon Sky SP (DragonSkySP)Flowring atk on cntr col and bck row.330
Giga Class Cards
Battle Card: G-001Ox Tackle (OxTackle)OxTackle all enemies in 1 column.520
Battle Card: G-002Gekiryuu Wave (TrrntWave)Tidal wave wash all obj from field.400
Battle Card: G-003Burai Break (RogueBreak)Far 3x3 pnl sword attack RogueBreak.450
Battle Card: G-004Poison Pharaoh (PoisonPhar)Put Phar 2 pnls ahd and poison all!
Battle Card: G-005Thousand Kick (MilliKick)Mad 24-shot MilliKick attack.20
Battle Card: G-006Gemini Thunder (GemniThndr)Gemini Thunder cntr col!400
Battle Card: G-007Nadaredaiko (Avalanche)Wipe out entire field w/Avalanche.80
Battle Card: G-008Flying Impact (FlyngImpct)2-column high-speed ram attack.500
Battle Card: G-009Darkness Hole (DrknssHole)Del if below 250HP: virus, 500HP: boss.
Battle Card: G-010Buster Max (BusterMax)Rapd & Chrg: max pwr. atk: max+
Battle Card: G-011Gorgon Eye (GorgonEye)Shoot a laser beam dwn a col.550
Battle Card: G-012Empty Magic (MT Magic)4 elemental consecutive attack.20
Battle Card: G-013Phantom Slash (PhntmSlsh)Moves 3 pnls fwd & slash adj pnls80
Battle Card: G-014Normal+50 (Normal+50) +50 atk pwr to non-elm cards.
Battle Card: G-015Break Count Bomb (BrkTmeBmb)Set unblock-able bmb atk 2 pnls ahd.600
Battle Card: G-016Pegasus Magic GX (PegasuMgcGX)Pegasus Freeze far 3x3 panels!450
Battle Card: G-017Leo Kingdom GX (LeoKingdmGX)Leo Blazer far 3x3 panels!30
Battle Card: G-018Dragon Sky GX (DragonSkyGX)Dragon Cyclone far 3x3 panels!50

Legend Cards

Legend Cards (レジェンドカード) are Legend Cards containing combos. There are 11 Legend Cards that can be received in the Mega menu.

Wave Command CardLegend Card
Legend Card: 001Luna

Luna Combo (LunaCmbo)

MMSF2MugLuna "Hey, MegaMan! Let me help you!"
  1. NeedAttack1
  2. ParalyzPlus
  3. Recovery 150
  4. Holy Panel
  5. Queen Ophiuca
Legend Card: 002Misora

Misora Combo (SniaCmbo)

SF2SoniaMug "C'mon and let me kick the jams!"
  1. Mummy Hand 1
  2. Elec Slash
  3. Voltic Eye 1
  4. Harp Note
Legend Card: 003Gonta

Gonta Combo (BudCmbo)

MMSF2MugBud "My combo is beefilicious!"
  1. Heat Upper 1
  2. ParalyzPlus
  3. Buki 1
  4. ParalyzPlus
  5. Taurus Fire
Legend Card: 004Kizamaro

Kizamaro Combo (ZackCmbo)

MMSF2MugZack "Watch my precision combo!"
  1. Green Grenade
  2. MopLance1
  3. Squall 1
Legend Card: 005Tsukasa

Tsukasa Combo (PatCmbo)

MMSF2MugPat "I'm so glad to be of help, Geo!"
  1. Paralyze Stage
  2. Flicker Kick 1
  3. Mummy Hand 1
  4. Stealth Lazer 1
  5. Gemini Spark
Legend Card: 006Goyōda Heiji
(Bob Copper)

Goyōda Combo (BobCmbo)

SF2BobMug "Don't worry, I'm a cop!"
  1. Mummy Hand 1
  2. Stealth Laser 1
  3. Synchro Hook 1
  4. Chain Bubble 1
Legend Card: 007Amachi Mamoru
(Aaron Boreal)

Amachi Combo (AarnCmbo)

SF2AaronMug "Trust in our bond to guide you!"
  1. Plasma Gun 2
  2. Mad Vulcan 1
  3. Radar Missile 1
  4. Ambush Panel
Legend Card: 008Solo

Solo Combo (SoloCmbo)

SF2SoloMug "I shall be rid of this nuisance!"
  1. Flicker Kick 2
  2. ParalyzPlus
  3. Berserk Sword 2
  4. ParalyzPlus
  5. Rogue EX
Legend Card: 009Hoshikawa Akane
(Hope Stelar)

Akane Combo (HopeCmbo)

MMSF2MugHope "Mommy will protect you, Geo!"
  1. Ice Stage
  2. Sticky Rain 1
  3. DanceFire1
  4. Recovery 150
Legend Card: 010Nangoku Ken
(Ken Suther)

Nangoku Combo (SthrCmbo)

MMSF2MugKen "I'm here dude, to bring the wave!"
  1. Recovery 10
  2. Recovery 10
  3. Recovery 10
  4. Recovery 10
  5. Cancer Bubble
Legend Card: 011Nameshida Ai
(Amy Gelande)

Ai Combo (AmyCmbo)

SF2AmyMug "Now it's my turn to root you on!"
  1. Jet Ski 1
  2. ParalyzPlus
  3. Snow Ball 1
  4. PuffBlast 1
  5. Attack Panel

Tribe Attack Cards

Tribe Attack Cards (トライブアタックカード) give Legend Cards containing a Link Force Big Bang instead of a Best Combo.

#Link Force Big BangStar Carrier number
Tribe Attack Card: 001Thunder Bolt Blade48500
Tribe Attack Card: 002Fūma Shippūjin (Demon Flurry)48132
Tribe Attack Card: 003Genocide Blazer48303

G Cards


G Card

G Cards change standard EM Viruses into their G form until the game is turned off or reset, making the acquisition of Star Cards easier. There are 87 G Cards:

G Card: 001MettennaG
G Card: 002Mettenna2G
G Card: 003Mettenna3G
G Card: 004BaseMortarG
G Card: 005BaseGunnerG
G Card: 006BaseSniperG
G Card: 007DarkReaperG
G Card: 008DarkJokerG
G Card: 009DarkDemonG
G Card: 010HareJetG
G Card: 011HareRocketG
G Card: 012HareNitroG
G Card: 013HotRoaderG
G Card: 014HotMotorG
G Card: 015HotBikerG
G Card: 016BubbaDanceG
G Card: 017HoppaDanceG
G Card: 018JakaDanceG
G Card: 019BoomG
G Card: 020BangG
G Card: 021Ka-BoomG
G Card: 022BomG
G Card: 023BomBomG
G Card: 024BomBomBomG
G Card: 025GooeyG
G Card: 026GoopyG
G Card: 027GloppyG
G Card: 028StreamCancroG
G Card: 029RiverCancroG
G Card: 030SeaCancroG
G Card: 031FokxG
G Card: 032CopyFokxG
G Card: 033GuideFokxG
G Card: 034SnoRollG
G Card: 035SnoRollerG
G Card: 036SnoRollestG
G Card: 037PiranG
G Card: 038PiranerG
G Card: 039PiranestG
G Card: 040LampisG
G Card: 041LucisG
G Card: 042LumisG
G Card: 043EyezG
G Card: 044GuardEyezG
G Card: 045ProtectEyezG
G Card: 046StealthG
G Card: 047MegaStealthG
G Card: 048GigaStealthG
G Card: 049ShockMummyG
G Card: 050ShockTutG
G Card: 051ShockSetiG
G Card: 052PrivateMopG
G Card: 053ColonelMopG
G Card: 054GeneralMopG
G Card: 055StormG
G Card: 056CycloneG
G Card: 057TempestG
G Card: 058FlitG
G Card: 059FlitterG
G Card: 060FlitterizeG
G Card: 061BoodachG
G Card: 062BooSpookG
G Card: 063BooGeistG
G Card: 064MatJinnG
G Card: 065RugJinnG
G Card: 066CarpetJinnG
G Card: 067PuffG
G Card: 068FluffG
G Card: 069MuffG
G Card: 070RaidG
G Card: 071RavageG
G Card: 072RansackG
G Card: 073AirSquiggleG
G Card: 074AirSquirmG
G Card: 075AirWobbleG
G Card: 076MonoSwordG
G Card: 077MonoSwordinG
G Card: 078MonoSwordilG
G Card: 079MoaianG
G Card: 080StoneheadG
G Card: 081GiantFaceG
G Card: 082GrabityG
G Card: 083GrabotronG
G Card: 084GrabakloneG
G Card: 085McCleaverG
G Card: 086McDicerG
G Card: 087McLopperG

DX Cards


DX Card

DX Cards are cards that change SP bosses into a DX form until the game is turned off or reset. There are 14 DX Cards, their numbering starting at 91. DX Card 97 doesn't exist. DX bosses have golden bodies and are faster and stronger than other forms, but they always drop their SP Battle Cards, regardless of the Busting Level. Defeating all DX bosses will grant the player a new wallpaper for the Star Carrier.

DX Card: 091Phantom Black DX (Dark Phantom DX)
DX Card: 092Yeti Blizzard DX
DX Card: 093Burai DX (Rogue DX)
DX Card: 094Brachio Wave DX (Plesio Surf DX)
DX Card: 095Condor Geograph DX (Terra Condor DX)
DX Card: 096Empty DX (Hollow DX)
DX Card: 098Auriga General DX
DX Card: 099Apollon Flame DX (Apollo Flame DX)
DX Card: 100Goat Kung-fu DX (Kung Foo Goat DX)
DX Card: 101OX Fire DX (Taurus Fire DX)
DX Card: 102Ophiuchus Queen DX (Queen Ophiuca DX)
DX Card: 103Harp Note DX
DX Card: 104Cancer Bubble DX
DX Card: 105Gemini Spark DX

Item Cards

Item Cards (アイテムカード) are cards that give items when used. They can be used only one time each, except for the Gold Card, Platinum Card, and Black Card as they must be used in the Alternate Dimension when a merchant Hertz asks for them. There are 50 Item Cards.

#Card nameEnglish nameItem
Item Card: 001ルナからのプレゼント
(Present from Luna)
Present from Luna Ability HP+200/250
Item Card: 002キザマロの差し入れ
(Kizamaro's Supply of Provisions)
Zack's Supplies Ability HP+50/60
Item Card: 003ゴン太の勇気
(Gonta's Courage)
Bravery of Bud Ability Charge V/80
Item Card: 004ミソラからの贈り物
(Gift from Misora)
Gift from Sonia Battle Cards Invisible, Barrier, and Holy Panel
Item Card: 005ゴリの黒い金
(Gori's Black Gold)
Rich's Dirty Money 10000 Zenny
Item Card: 006デキル女くろふくくろみ
(Capable Woman - Kuromi Kurofuku)
Capable Woman - Kuromi Kurofuku
(Capable Woman - Noira Crush)
Battle Cards ParlyzPlus and Attack+10
Item Card: 007アイちゃんからのプレゼント
(Present from Ai-chan)
Present from Amy Ability UnderShirt/50
Item Card: 008滑田さんからのおみやげ
(Souvenir from Nameshida-san)
Souvenir from Mr. Gelande Battle Card Jet Ski 3
Item Card: 009ふくろこうじ まようの旅のおみやげ
(Souvenir from Mayou Fukurokouji's Trip)
Souvenir from Kouji Fukuro's Unexpected Journey
(Souvenir from Yugo Astray's Trip)
Battle Card Snow Ball 3
Item Card: 010カタヅカ ナイの旅のおみやげ
(Souvenir from Nai Katazuka's Trip)
Souvenir from Nai Katazuka's Trip
(Souvenir from Heidy Tidy's Trip)
Battle Card Snow Ball 2
Item Card: 011キュー・出間崎の奥の手
(Kyū Demagawa's Trump Card)
Gerry Romero's Last ResortBattle Card Poison Apple
Item Card: 012マルボーズ・ヘタツリーの戦術
(Marubōzū Hetatsurī's Strategy)
Malbos Hetatsuri's Tactics
(Minor Angler's Tactics)
Battle Cards Chain Bubble 2, Sticky Rain 2, and Piranha Kiss 2
Item Card: 013ラッカー・オトシモンの防犯対策
(Rakkā Otoshimon's Anticrime Measures)
Rakka Otoshimon's crime prevention Plan
(Luz Stufalot's Anticrime Measures)
Battle Cards Voltic Eye 1, Flicker Kick 1, and Mummy Hand 1
Item Card: 014シズム・オボレルノのおやつ
(Shizumu Oboreruno's Afternoon Refreshment)
Shizumu Oboreruno's Refreshments
(D'nwan Draun's Afternoon Refreshment)
Three Small Energy Sub-Cards
Item Card: 015モンディ・ナゾーヌの眼力
(Mondi Nazōnu's Insight)
Mondi Nazonu's Insight
(Alec Tribec's Insight)
Three Search Eye Sub-Cards
Item Card: 016アガメの眼力
(Agame's Insight)
Shaman's InsightSub-Cards Fire Search, Aqua Search, Elec Search, Wood Search
Item Card: 017ナンスカ・ナン・ナンスカのまなざし
(Nanska Nan Nanska's Gaze)
Nanska Nan Nanska's Gaze
(Whazzat's Gaze)
Two Fire Search Sub-Cards
Item Card: 018ナンスカ・シロ・インスカのまなざし
(Nanska Shiro Inska's Gaze)
Nanska Shiro Inska's Gaze
(Lennycia's Gaze)
Two Aqua Search Sub-Cards
Item Card: 019ナンスカ・ソト・ドウスカのまなざし
(Nanska Soto Dousuka's Gaze)
Nanska Soto Douska's Gaze
(Kyanaigotu's Gaze)
Two Elec Search Sub-Cards
Item Card: 020ナンスカ・ドコ・ナンスカのまなざし
(Nanska Doko Nanska's Gaze)
Nanska Doko Nanska's Gaze
(Wherzat's Gaze)
Two Wood Search Sub-Cards
Item Card: 021ゴンターガ祭り
(Gontāga Festival)
Gontaga Festival
(Budicus Festival)
Battle Cards Fire Ring 3, Dance Fire 3, Heat Upper 3
Item Card: 022キリモミー・ツィラークの安全飛行
(Kirimomī Tsirāku's Safe Flight)
Kirimomi Tsirak's Safe Flight
(Tayle Spinn's Safe Flight)
Battle Card Holy Panel
Item Card: 023ハープノートのおせっかい
(Harp Note's Meddling)
Meddlesome HarpNoteSub-Cards Small Energy, Large Energy, D. Energy
Item Card: 024アツメ タイヨウのコレクション
(Atsume Taiyou's Collection)
Atsume Taiyou's Collection
(Don McCard's Collection)
Battle Cards MopLance1, Fokx-Fu1, Squall1
Item Card: 025ウスイ サチのコレクション
(Usui Sachi's Collection)
Usui Sachi's Collection
(Carma Iffy's Collection)
Battle Card Area Eater
Item Card: 026イケツラ モテツグの切り札
(Iketsura Motetsugu's Trump Card)
Iketsura Motetsugu's Trump Card
(Kaz Nova's Trump Card)
Battle Card Attack Panel
Item Card: 027あいざわ らぶえの防犯対策
(Aizawa Rabue's Anticrime Measures)
Aizawa Rabue's Crime Prevention Scheme
(Bonnie Amora's Anticrime Measures)
Battle Card Needle Attack 3
Item Card: 028うつかり シゲゾウのお年玉
(Utsukari Shigezou's Otoshidama)
Ukkari Shigezou's New Year gift
(Iver Gatte's New Year Gift)
Battle Card Puff Blast 3
Item Card: 029ハイケイ かしこのお年玉
(Haikei Kashiko's Otoshidama)
Haikei Kashiko's New Year Gift
(Snaila Mail's New Year Gift)
Trader Ticket
Item Card: 030天地さんからのプレゼント
(Present from Amachi-san)
Present from AaronBattle Card Giga Mine
Item Card: 031五陽田ヘイジの感謝状
(Goyōda Heiji's Thank-You Letter)
Bob Copper's Thank-You letterBattle Card Ambush Panel
Item Card: 032謎のゼニーカード壱
(Mysterious Zenny Card One)
Enigmatic Zenny Card 120000 Zenny
Item Card: 033謎のゼニーカード弐
(Mysterious Zenny Card Two)
Enigmatic Zenny Card 250000 Zenny
Item Card: 034ゴールドカード
(Gold Card)
Gold Card Talk with the merchant Hertz in Alt. IFL Tower 2 ER to use this card and buy Star Cards.
Item Card: 035プラチナカード
(Platinum Card)
Platinum Card
Item Card: 036ブラックカード
(Black Card)
Black Card
Item Card: 037レジェンドマスター・シンからのプレゼント
(Present from Legend Master Shin)
Present from Legendary Master ShinAbility ChargeP/140
Item Card: 038プロデュース費用
(Produce Costs)
Produce expenses5000 Zenny
Item Card: 039母さんからのおこづかい
(Pocket Money from Mom)
Pocket Money from Mom1000 Zenny
Item Card: 040南国さんのおみやげ
(Nangoku-san's Souvenir)
Souvenir from KenBattle Card AntiSword
Item Card: 041デンパちゃんからプレゼント
(Present from Denpa-chan)
Present from Ms. HertzBattle Cards Sticky Rain 1, Chain Bubble 1, Piranha Kiss 1
Item Card: 042デンパくんからプレゼント
(Present from Denpa-kun)
Present from Mr. HertzBattle Card Paralyze Stage
Item Card: 043エンジェルデンパくんからプレゼント
(Present from Angel Denpa-kun)
Present from Mr. Angel HertzSub-Card Search Eye
Item Card: 044オオゴワレ マスヨのへそくりカード
(Oogoware Masuyo's Secret Savings Card)
Oogoware Masuyo's Secret Savings Card
(Ruina Recker's Secret Savings Card)
Sub-Card Cloaker
Item Card: 045ルナの教育費
(Luna's Educational Expenses)
Luna's School Fees10000 Zenny
Item Card: 046うんそうやの電波 今日の日当
(Denpa of Express - Today's Daily Allowance)
Express Company ES - Today in the Sun5000 Zenny
Item Card: 047トレ三郎のふとっぱら
(Tre Saburō's Generosity)
The Generosity of Tri-TraderTwo Trader Tickets
Item Card: 048シャベクリンからのおみやげ
(Shabekurin's Souvenir)
Souvenir from Gabby GuideSub-Card Unlocker
Item Card: 049警備の心得
(Security Knowledge)
Defensive KnowledgeSub-Card Cloaker
Item Card: 050おやつはやぐい Ten Small Energy Sub-Cards

Tribe King Cards

The three Tribe King Cards (トライブキングカード) allows Mega Man to start with a Tribe On. Unlike other Wave Command Cards, Tribe King Cards contain 14 holes instead of 6, but only 6 of them are numbered. When the three are placed together, only 6 holes are left, which form a code to start battles as Tribe King. Only one of the four codes can be used at a time, and the effect lasts until the game is turned off or reset.

Tribe King Card: 001Thunder Berserk (Thunder Zerker)
Tribe King Card: 002Green Shinobi (Wood Ninja)
Tribe King Card: 003Fire Dinosaur (Fire Saurian)

Mega Man Data Cards and Mega Man Rogue Card

The three Mega Man Data Cards (ロックマンデータカード Rockman Data Card) and the Mega Man Rogue Card (ロックマンブライカード Rockman Burai Card) are cards that improve Mega Man's stats. Only one can be active at a time, and the player can disable or enable them anytime in the Mega menu. The Rogue card also changes Mega Man to his Rogue Tribe form.

(Thunder Berserk Version)
+800 +3 +2 +3 +3 +4 +2 UndrShrt
(Green Shinobi Version)
+700 +3 +4 +4 +3 +4 +2 UndrShrt
(Fire Dinosaur Version)
+990 +4 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 SprArmr
Rockman Burai Card +850 +4 +4 +4 +3 +2 +1 UndrShrt

Wave Command Card products

CB-01Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Mega Giga Booster Part 1
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード メガ・ギガブースター Part1)
Contains plastic Battle Cards and Item Cards. Released by Takara Tomy in November 2007.
CB-02Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Mega Giga Booster Part 2
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード メガ・ギガブースター Part2)
Contains plastic Battle Cards and Item Cards. Released by Takara Tomy in December 2007.
CP-01Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Ultimate Star Pack Kindanhen
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード アルティメットスターパック 禁断篇)
Contains plastic Battle Cards, G Cards, and Item Cards. Released by Takara Tomy in February 2008.
Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Ultimate Star Pack Kakumeihen
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード アルティメットスターパック 革命編)
Contains plastic Battle Cards, G Cards, and Item Cards. Released by Takara Tomy in March 2008.
SSR2WCCDXCMBShooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card DX Challenge Master Box
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード DXチャレンジマスターボックス)
Contains paper DX Cards, G Cards, and Rockman Burai Card. Released by Takara Tomy in March 2008.
Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Extreme Master Box
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカード エクストリームマスターボックス)
Contains paper Battle Cards, G Cards, and Item Cards. Released by Takara Tomy in March 2008.
Product-1268732Shooting Star Rockman 2 Wave Command Card Case
(流星のロックマン2 ウェーブコマンドカードケース)
A case for Wave Command Cards sold by Capcom during the Jisedai World Hobby Fair '08 Summer and for some time in the e-capcom online shop.

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