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"Where are you? Come on out, please! I'll find you, even if I have to wash it all away!"
—Wave Man, Please Rush Home

Wave Man is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is a sewer cleaner robot from Silicon City that flooded the city to make it cleaner and easier to find his missing companion, an alligator he had found in the sewers. He was stopped by Mega Man and later joined Sgt. Night's forces. In Opposites Attract, he has a short partnership with Fire Man. They continuously argue during different scenes of the episode and do not get along very well.


This version of Wave Man is slim and has two oxygen tanks attached to his back. The middle point of his trident-shaped crown is taller as well. Also, Wave Man's face is entirely concealed by his helmet and visor, leaving only his eyes visible.


Wave Man is an emotional robot who's very passionate, even obsessed about the things that matter to him. Namely, cleaning and his pet, Alligator. He vents his full fury on anything that gets in the way of these things, and is either unconcerned or oblivious to the damage he does in the process. He's also fairly easily moved to tears, especially if something reminds him of Alligator. But this can be a problem, as his tears can be as destructive as the water he manipulates.


Wave Man can shoot pressurized water, and his harpoon is able to split apart like a claw when shot out, allowing him to use it as a hook.



  • In contrast to his original counterpart, his function as a robot built for sewer-cleaning instead of marine exploration likens him more to Pump Man from Mega Man 10.
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