MMSF3 Wave Station

A Wave Station in Echo Ridge.

A Wave Station (ウェーブステーション), usually called WAZA Wave Station, is a device from Mega Man Star Force 3. It is a WAZA system that manages EM technology over a wide area and also functions as information services for the general public. They can be used to download White Cards - which are special bonus Battle Cards to the folder. Each Wave Station has a different set of Battle Cards in it. In addition, the user can check the Web Station News, info about which EM Viruses are found in the area, a map of the Wave Liner and the Wave Road, or either information of how to use the Wave Station itself. Mega Man can also use Wave Stations to enter the Wave Road, and there is a massive Wave Station that connects to the Meteor Server.

Wave Stations

(White Cards)
Viruses in area
Echo Ridge Elementary SF3 BC 106BC SF2 Cannon
BC SF2 PlsmaGun1SF3 BC 148
Mettenna, BaseMortar
Echo Ridge BC SF2 PlsmaGun1BC SF2 PlsmaGun1
BC SF2 AirSpred1SF3 BC 106
Mettenna, Crowcar, BaseMortar
Spica Mall SF3 BC 106SF3 BC 106
BC SF2 AirSpred1BC SF2 Attack+10
Mettenna, Crowcar, BaseMortar
WBG Studios BC SF2 GrndWave1BC SF2 MadVulcn1
BC SF2 Attack+10SF3 BC 106
Mettenna, Crowcar, Wibbledee,
Chakram, Boom, Zapper,
Alohaha SF BC 055SF3 BC 076
SF3 BC 076SF BC 055
Mettenna2, Crowket, Boom,
Koma, Wibbledee, BlueShark,
Chakram, Musashi, BaseGunner
WAZA SF3 BC 016SF3 BC 016
SF3 BC 050BC SF2 ParalyzPlus
Mettenna2, Crowket, Smiles,
Ku'i, Bang, StremCancro,
Stealth, Zappster, ShuriKen,
BlueChakram, BaseGunner
Dealer Base SF3 BC 100SF3 BC 097
SF3 BC 103SF3 BC 094
DoomCount, Bang, Crowbus,
Wibbledoo, MidSpinguin, Arachnid,
Raid, Kotetsu, BoneArcher
BaseSniper, OmegaXCopyP

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