Mega Man riding the Wave Road.

The Wave World is an environment of EM Waves above the earth's surface during the Mega Man Star Force series. It is essentially the successor to Mega Man Battle Network series Cyberworld and serves the same function. EM Beings can easily travel the Wave World via the Wave Roads (ウェーブロード) and nearly every electronic device is connected to it.


Roads created from the electromagnetic wave radiation emitted from electronic devices that allow EM Beings to travel from place to place at high speed. Wave Roads are only visible to EM Beings or through use of special devices such as Geo Stelar's Visualizer.

The Wave Road also links the Cyber Cores of most electronic devices together, giving EM Beings easier access to the cores.

List of international wave worlds by height

There are many kinds of Wave Roads, like the Sky Wave seen in the second game or the Astro Wave in the third game, which connects between the many parts of Earth, or the Outer Astro Wave, which leads to Planet FM's Astro Wave.

Sky Wave

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The wave world introduced in Mega Man Star Force 2, is located around the tropopause. From this wave world, many clouds and wind currents can be seen. Specifically, at the Bermuda Maze wave roads, fogs frequently appears also. The wave roads here aren't very different from the ones near Earth, the only difference is the sheer amount of jet panels and large portions of the roads, due to the amount of traffic received everyday.

Astro Wave

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Introduced in Mega Man Star Force 3, this wave world is set in much higher stage: The themosphere, reasonable for its purpose as global linking and base for transferring to moons and other cosmic objects. From this wave, many stars and space stations, as well as Earth itself is visible. Because of its large scale and distance from Earth, only a portion of Earth could be linked thanks to this wave world (since the technology haven't capable of creating curve shaped wave roads yet).

Outer Astro Wave

A variant of Astro Wave, but set much higher, directly linking stars, in which particularly Planet FM and AM. It is possible that this wave world was originally the first one to link those two planets, and earth has adopted this wave world much longer after. Since it's totally apart from Earth, the Outer Astro Wave is bizarre with many strong viruses and in a state of heavy disrepair, in which many road borders are torn apart, allow EM Beings to travel to the open outer space.