Weapon Center (兵器開発所 Heiki Kaihatsu-sho) is Infinity Mijinion's stage in Mega Man X6. It is a weapons development facility that, according to the Stage Select Screen, is located in western Australia.


The stage is under the constant watch of Illumina, a giant war Reploid constructed in the Weapon Center. At first it will attack with eye beams, forcing the player to race ahead through obstacles and destroy the cables supplying it energy. Upon destroying the first cable, Illumina will deploy drones to fire lasers and use its head to pinpoint their target. After destroying the second cable, Illumina will go down, revealing two paths: the Nightmare portal to the secret area or a slope leading to Infinity Mijinion's boss room. If the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, Nightmare Iron, Fire, and Dark can occur in the stage.



  • Life Up: Right after entering the Nightmare portal, head left to find both the Life Up and a capsule hidden off-screen.
  • Blade Armor's Arm Program: Found directly in front of the Life Up in the secret Nightmare area.

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