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Weather Analyze (ウェザーアナライズ) is a weather analyzer from Mega Man X6 that went out of control because of the Nightmare and now generates acid rain in the Inami Temple, Rainy Turtloid's stage. Aside from the rain, it has no offensive capabilities, but is instead protected by an invulnerable barrier created by a quartet of cores. In order to stop the acid rain, as well as move on to the next portion of the stage, X or Zero must destroy it.

Weather Analyze Core

Weather Analyze Core (ウェザーアナライズ・コア) is a core that generates a barrier around Weather Analyze to protect it. The Weather Analyze can only be destroyed if all cores protecting it are destroyed. Like the device itself, the cores have no offensive capabilities. However, they are usually placed in difficult locations, such as through narrow spike paths or have heavy enemy guard around them.

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