Weather Crystal (ウェザークリスタル), misspelled "Weather Cristal" in Mega Man X2, is a spherical crystal that controls the weather in the Weather Control Center, Wire Sponge's stage in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme 2. Not technically an enemy, they stay over a purple crystal pillar, and through them, X can change the weather at will. The weather greatly affects the behaviour of all enemies except Aclandas and Scrivers. In addition, the rainy weather also affects X's mobility, adding constant velocity to the left (not affected when stationary on the ground).

Mega Man X2

Depending on the Special Weapon X uses on them, the wheather can either be: normal, warm, rainy and foggy. However, if nothing is used, the default weather for each area will take place. This default setting possibly represents Wire Sponge playing with the weather control system, something he liked to do due to his personality disorder. After sustaining enough damage, the Weather Crystal will break.

WeaponResultEnemy Effect
Strike Chain Crystal Strike ChainSets the weather to NORMAL.Activates Sole Solars; Enables Sky Farmers (Sabottein); Activates Croak Hoppers.
Speed Burner Crystal Speed BurnerMakes the weather WARM.Activates Sole Solars; Enables Sky Farmers (Sabottein); Overheats Croak Hoppers.
Bubble Splash CrystalBubble SplashMakes the weather RAINY.Deactivates Sole Solars; Enables Sky Farmers (Rightod); Overactivates Croak Hoppers;
Crystal Hunter CrystalCrystal HunterMakes the weather FOGGY.Deactivates Sole Solars; Disables Sky Farmers; Disables Croak Hoppers.
Mmx2weathercrystalspriteNoneSets the weather to DEFAULT.The default weather for that area will take place.
CrystalBrokenAnyVaries.Respective to the weapon through which the Crystal was broken.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Unlike Mega Man X2, only two weather types are available: sunny or rainy; and the default weather setting for all areas is sunny, meaning it will only change to rainy if the player takes action. Moreover, damaging the crystals with the character's default weapon is enough to change the weather.

Due to the checkpoint autosave feature, every time the player contacts a checkpoint the weather will be automatically set to sunny, given it is the standard weather for all areas when the game starts.

DMGResultEnemy Effect
CrystalXtreme10/12Sets the weather to SUNNY.Activates Sole Solars; Enables Sky Farmers (Sabottein); Activates Croak Hoppers.
Blue4Sets the weather to RAINY.Disbles Sole Solars; Enables Sky Farmers (Rightod); Overactivates Croak Hoppers.
CrystalXtrremeBroken16Retain current weatherRetain current effects.

*Please note that the first two damage values are reversed if the Weather Crystal is encountered on rainy weather.



  • Along with Inami Temple from Mega Man X6 and Wind Crowrang's stage from Mega Man X7, the Weather Crystal makes the Weather Control Center one of the few stages in the Mega Man X series where it normally rains.
  • Although uncanny, the normal weather setting is the least recomended one enemy-wise, since it activates all enemies. The safest option would be the foggy weather.
    • It also noticable that the rainy setting is dangerous due to the wind that pulls the character to the left, as there are lots of spiked traps on the Weather Control Center.
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