Whirling is the name for two varieties of the same Mechaniloid enemy from Mega Man ZX. They both appear as a green central body that hangs on an extendable chain from the ceiling. When approached, they will extend their chains and swoop down towards the player while spinning rapidly to damage them.

Whirling 38

Whirling 38 has many blunt but hard metal protrusions around the central body with which to hurt the player. This is also the only variety that can fire, sprays out fire spheres while spinning around at high speeds. Its rotational ability comes from an internal drive device. If it gets hit with a powerful shock, it will fly off the rope. It appears in Area I (Confinement).

Whirling 44

Whirling 44 is the more common variety. It has four curved blades around the center that spin much like a sawblade while moving up and down on a metal rope. Its original design is based on a toy that the designer's child used to play with. It was created to be art, but has become a dangerous weapon. It appears in Area A (Forest), Area B (Mountain Pass), and Area E (Power Plant).

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