"White Axl", labeled as ??? in-game, is a special unnamed upgrade for Axl in Mega Man X8 that enhances his abilities. With the white armor, Axl can hover infinitely while firing, his ground dash is longer and faster, and he can remain transformed for an unlimited amount of time.


This armor can be unlocked in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase all of Axl's personal Chip upgrades. Then Axl has to deal the final blow on Lumine (Double Attack is not necessary in this case, but Axl must be the one that defeats him) before saving into a New Game Plus. Once this is done, White Axl will be immediately available for selection.
  2. On the PS2 and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 versions of the game, a code must be entered at the title screen while "Press Start" is flashing. If inputted correctly, Axl's voice can be heard saying "I'll take care of it", confirming the code. The player must then choose either Normal or Hard mode.
Game Codes
Mega Man X8 B l2, B l2, B l2, B r2, B r2, B r2, B l2, B l2, B l2, B r2 (PS2 & PS4)


LT, LT, LT, RT, RT, RT, LT, LT, LT, RT (Xbox One/Steam)



  • Given Axl's look with the white armor and his ending in Mega Man X8, it is speculated that the shard of Lumine that was implanted into Axl's helmet through his broken crystal lens is the cause of this armor, whose colors are similar to Lumine's. However, this has not been confirmed, and the shard has not been expanded upon, as it is not seen later during the events of Mega Man X: Command Mission (although this is probably because Mega Man X: Command Mission was released before Mega Man X8).

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