"Mega Man: The Wild Coil launches one coil forward and one coil backward, right?
Dr. Light: Yes, but remember to charge the coils to make them jump higher.
―Mega Man and Dr. Light, Mega Man 7

Wild Coil (ワイルドコイル Wairudo Koiru) is Spring Man's Special Weapon. It sends one spring forward, and one backward. It is one of the two Special Weapons in Mega Man 7, that can be charged up (the other being Noise Crush, though it is not charged up by holding down the FIRE button). When charged, the springs jump higher and cause more damage, and their bounces can also be made higher if the player holds "Up" while releasing the shot. This weapon is Shade Man's primary weakness, hitting him with an uncharged Wild Coil will make him fall to the ground if he is in the air, resetting his attack pattern, and is also effective against the Gameriser and Wily Capsule.

It also appears in Mega Man 9, where Mega Man is equipped with it in the scenes shown by Rush in the ending.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 7.

MM7-WildCoil-Icon Wild Coil
Boss Damage
Freeze Man 1:1
Junk Man 1:1
Burst Man 1:1
Cloud Man 1:1
Spring Man 0:0
Slash Man 1:1
Shade Man 3:6
Turbo Man 1:1
Mash --
Bass 1:2
Guts Man G 0:0
Bass and Treble 1:2
Gameriser 2:3
HannyaNED² 0:0
Wily Machine No. 7 0:0
Wily Capsule 1:2
  • For Wild Coil, the first number is the damage done when the weapon is fired normally; the second number is damage done when the weapon is charged up.

Boss weak against Wild Coil



  • Interestingly, while a normal Wild Coil will cause Shade Man to flinch and fall to the ground, a charged-up Wild Coil will not.

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