"You have a death wish?!"
―Wild Jango, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Wild Jango (ワイルドジャンゴー Wairudo Jangō) is the "Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid" from Mega Man X: Command Mission. Jango was a pitiless and sly Rebellion agent that employed Spider to attack X when he tried to infiltrate Central Tower.

He was enraged when Spider betrayed him, after seeing his former bounty hunting partner Aile's ID in X's possession. Later, Jango appears on a monitor with a nearly dead Spider (X believed he was actually dead) on the ground and initiated the self-destruct sequence of Central Tower while holding Chief R hostage. He is then chased down by X, who receives help from Spider, surprising both Jango and X. Jango is then defeated, with X believing him to have died.

Jango later reappears at the Far East Headquarters. X and his party then defeated him, with X expressing shock during the aftermath that he had apparently survived. Axl then speculates that someone may have mimicked Jango with his copy chip ability.

Stats and Abilities

He is extremely swift and fast, his speed being aided by a thruster-like booster on his back, which he takes advantage of in wielding his electrified claws. Jango is also capable of curling up and somersaulting through the air, striking his enemy with electricity and stunning them through his Rolling Assault attack.

First Encounter at Central Tower

Second Encounter at Far East HQ



Vs. Wild Jango - 1st Encounter   Vs. Wild Jango - 2nd Encounter
MMX Command Mission Ch

MMX Command Mission Ch.2 Boss Wild Jango

Megaman X Command Mission Wild Jango Again

Megaman X Command Mission Wild Jango Again


  • Interestingly, Jango only has four fingers on each hand, versus the usual five common to most Reploids.


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