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Wild Patrol Dog (のらパトドッグ) is an enemy fought in Mega Man X: Command Mission. These robots are equipped with two machine guns that can lower the player's shield. Other than that, they aren't particularly dangerous. They appear in the Lagrano Ruins and Central Tower (during Chapter 2).

The message "Try using the [Sub Weapon] (square/circle) only appear when X has lv 1 or lv 2.

A few non-hostile Patrol Dogs can be seen around Central Tower, and one is available from the beginning in the Deployment Center.

Wild Rescue Dog

Wild Rescue Dog (のらレスキュードッグ) is a variety of the Wild Patrol Dog that can heal allies. It attacks with guns and can cause blindness with Sand Splash. If this enemy is the only one left and low LE in battle, it may run away.

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