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Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise (ワイリー&ライトのロックボード ザッツ☆パラダイス Wairī ando Raito no RokkuBōdo Zattsu ☆ Paradaisu) is a video game from the original Rockman series released only in Japan for the Famicom in January 15, 1993. RockBoard is a board game similar to Monopoly that can be played from one to four players. Each player starts with 2000 Zenny (3000 on the Megalopolis board). Players spin a roulette and gets a number between 1 to 8 to advance in the board. There are four boards available: Green Continent, Cold Island, Continent of Sand and Megalopolis.


  • Rockman - The emcee of the game. Also appears as a card and in the ending.
  • Reggae - A bird robot created by Dr. Wily. After a four player game ends, Reggae appears to laugh at the character that got in fourth place. He also appears in the opening scene and as a card. This game marks its first appearance.

Playable characters[]

The characters players can use. On rare occasions, stopping on a player's building will trigger an extra effect.

Player Character's goal[1] Color Building effect
Dr. Right Expand his facilities to achieve world peace. Yellow Draw a card.
Dr. Wily Build an evil laboratory to achieve world domination. Black Pay 300 Zenny to Wily.
Roll Build a hospital to help all sick and injured people in the world. Pink Lose a turn.
Dr. Cossack Build a new lab to continue his experiments. Blue Spin the Roulette again.
Kalinka Build a castle to become a real princess. Red Affected by transformation for one turn.


When the player lands on a Transformation square, he will randomly transform into one of three different boss characters until he passes by the square again. While transformed, the player will be unable to interact with squares or do any action (buy properties, draw or use cards, pay rents, ...) other than the one specific to the transformed character. On rare occasions, the player will transform for one turn if he lands on a building belonging to Kalinka.

Transformation Effect
Guts Man Downgrades rival buildings he stops on.
Shadow Man Takes one card from the owner of the building he stops on.
Dust Man Sucks money from the owner of the building he stops on.


  • E Can - The initial position. When the player passes by it again, he/she receives Zenny. Landing exactly on the space also gives a random reward.
  • Land - The "property" spaces. Can be bought and used to create buildings. If a player lands on a property owned by another player, he has to pay a rental fee to both the lot owner and the property owner. Also, if a player owns a property on the same space as a lot he/she owns, that player receives Zenny each time he/she lands on it.
  • Card - A question mark. The player can draw a card.
  • Rush - A Rush face. Rush appears and uses Rush Coil, sending the player to another Rush space.
  • Tunnel - A tunnel space. The player receives positive or negative bonuses.
  • Lottery - A bag with an arrow. The player can bet Zenny in a lottery.
  • Under Construction (工事中) - A Met with a pickaxe. The player loses one turn. Present in all maps except for Green Continent.
  • Entertainment - A "property" with a Met. The player goes to a Met race mini-game where he/she and up to two other players bet in one of the three types of Mets racing (Metall DX, Metall Dance and Metall Swim), similar to a horse racing. The one who owns the attraction never plays it; and any person unable to make the required bet automatically sits out. This space is only present on the Continent of Sand and Megalopolis maps.
  • Transformation - A shadowy robot. The player turns into a random character (Guts Man, Shadow Man or Dust Man) until he/she reaches or passes this space again. The player will be unable to do some actions while in this form, but will be capable of special effects based on the character they become.


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The game has 32 cards divided in six types: 7 Eddie Cards (エディカード) with positive effects, 6 Reggae Cards (レゲーカード) with negative effects, 4 Rush Cards (ラッシュカード) with movement effects, 13 Boss Cards (ボスカード) with different effects, 1 Rockman Card (ロックマンカード) and 1 Blues Card (ブルースカード) for protection.

Card Effect
Eddie Card
E Lucky Card
If the player with this card pass the E-Can space while having this card, the player will receive double the amount of Zenny that would have normally gotten from it.
E Shiawase no Card
"Good Fortune Card". The player with this card collects 50 Zenny each time he moves. Disappears after a random number of turns. The player can only hold one at a time, and it can't be used alongside the "Misfortune Card".
E "Revival Card" If the player holding this card drops to 0 Zenny, they will immediately receive 1000 Zenny.
E Free Pass Card
Using this card when you land on a space owned by an opponent allows you to avoid paying rent.
E Unnamed Used automatically. Receive 100 Zenny from each player.
E "Special Income!!"
Used automatically. Eddie gives the player a few hundred extra Zenny.
E Roulette Chance!!
Used automatically. Each player spins the Roulette once. Each number is summed and the total will be multiplied by 100. The result will be the amount of Zenny received.
Reggae Card
R Unnamed Reggae will toss a Skull Tank onto the player, destroying all of the user's Zenny on-hand.
R Unnamed Reggae will use a Skull Tank to completely destroy one of the user's buildings, leaving an empty lot.
Reggae Reggae will forcibly take every card from the user's possession.
Reggae Reggae will shoot up the rent prices of every space on the board, including those owned by the user.
R Unnamed Reggae will use a Skull Sank on one of the user's lots, destroying it and the lab associated with it.
R Fukou no Card
"Misfortune Card". The player keeps this card and loses Zenny each time he/she moves. Disappears after a random number of turns.
Rush Card
Rush Unnamed Warp to any Land square on the board.
R Unnamed Allows the user to move again.
R Shuugou Card
"Assembly Card". Brings all the other players to your current space.
R Hayaaruki Card
"Hurry Card". Allows the user to roll the dice twice in succession.
Boss Card
Cut Man Cut Card
If the player draws a Boss Card or Reggae Card, this card can be used to make Cut Man cut (discard) the card and draw other card in its place. This card is capable of protecting the user against Reggae Cards if one is drawn.
Fire Man Fire Card
When used, Fire Man will incinerate all of a rival's cards, at the holder's choice.
Elec Man Elec Card
When used, Elec Man downgrades one of the rival's buildings.
Air Man Air Card
Air Man blows a rival to a random Land panel.
Bubble Man Bubble Card
Bubble Man uses Bubble Lead to reduce the rent of lots.
Crash Man Clash Card
When used, Clash Man sets a Clash Bomb in one of the opponent's buildings. The bomb explodes in the next turn, downgrading the building. Upgrading the building or having it converted to another player's building does not remove the bomb. Additionally, if a payer is present on the space the bomb explodes, they will lose a turn.
Spark Man Spark Card
When used, Spark Man cuts the power to all the buildings owned by a player. As long as the power is out, rent can not be collected from buildings, including newely-built ones. (rent for the Land, however, is still collected.)
Bright Man Bright Card
When used, Bright Man will use his Flash Stopper to ensure that no-one except the holder can use cards for a few turns.
Toad Man Toad Card
When used, Toad Man will use his Rain Flush to destroy a line of buildings.
Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Card
Pharaoh Man will make a rival move only one panel for the next five turns.
Enker Enker Card
Enker uses Mirror Buster to protect the user against a Boss Card and send its effect back to the rival.
Quint Quint Card
Quint uses Sakugarne to remodel a rival's building into one from the user's.
Pickelman Bull Bull Card
When used, Pickelman Bull will plow over a series of lots or buildings, reducing the amount of rent a rival pays if they land on it.
Blues Card
Proto Card Blues Card
The user can defend against a Boss Card or Transformation.
Rockman Card
Mega Card Rock Card
The user can defend against a Reggae Card, Boss Card or Transformation.

Cancelled Game Boy version[]

RockBoard (GB) title

Title screen

A Game Boy port of the game was in development, and was mostly complete before being shelved during a lotcheck, being later found as part of the 2020 Nintendo data leak. It was an exact port of the Famicom game, but was in black and white and had a smaller resolution due to the hardware's limitations, and included a battery save to continue the game progress.[2] The port was developed by the Japanese company Dual, which listed the game on its official site as a 1993 release.[3] Hitoshi Sakimoto worked on the port's audio.[4]





See also[]


  • Quick Man was planned to be used in the game as a playable Boss character, similar to Guts Man and Shadow Man, but was scrapped before game release.[5]
  • Graphics data exists for Drill Man, though he's nowhere to be found in-game. Based on tile positioning, he was likely planned as a Boss Card attack. A set of gold bars is set amongst Drill Man's graphic's, suggesting he'd have been used by players to dig for Zenny.
  • The boards from the game resembles real locations. Green Continent looks like South America, Continent of Sand looks like Africa, and Megalopolis looks like the continental United States. Cold Island is probably meant to look like Antarctica.
  • "Mega Board" was planned to be released in USA, but the English version was eventually cancelled for unknown reasons.[6] It was also suggested to be included in Mega Man Legacy Collection, but ended up getting dropped from there, as well.[7] However, a fan translation patch was created.[8] In this translation, some names are changed to smaller names due to the limit in text boxes, like Green Continent becoming Green Town and Continent of Sand becoming the Hot Zone.
  • Though scarcely known, a true ending does exist in RockBoard. Playing under Battle Royal rules on the Megalopolis map, if the player has managed to gain control of roughly 75% of the board, they'll be treated to a brief credits sequence after the usual post-game standings. This is also the only part of the game where Rockman actually makes a full appearance.
  • The reggae card that destroys a lot with a skull tank is the only reggae card that can affect 2 players. This is because when a lot is destroyed, so does the lab, and the lab could be owned by another player.

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