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Wily Battleship (ワイリー戦艦) is a large battleship used by Dr. Wily in Mega Man IV. After Mega Man defeated several enemies in Wily Station and then Ballade, Wily escapes to the Wily Battleship, and Mega Man goes after him. Here, he will go up against more enemies, some more familiar to him than others, including rematches with the eight Robot Masters in the game, before finally confronting Wily.

After defeating Wily Robo Iron Golem, the battleship begins to collapse and Mega Man tries to escape. Ballade appears and sacrifices himself to open a path for Mega Man.


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The outside of the battleship is guarded by some powerful enemies. The entrance to the ship is guarded by a defense system that mimics some of Mega Man's acquired weapons in the game.


Second Section


Inside, Mega Man makes his way through several enemies that he has encountered in the past, including an encounter with a Hunter, before finally coming across capsules that lead to rematches with the eight Robot Masters and then his final battle with Dr. Wily.


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Concept art of the Wily Battleship.


  • Though the full size of the Wily Battleship is unknown, the portion of the ship Mega Man infiltrated on foot (without teleporting) was no smaller than 343 meters in length (as extrapolated from the game maps).
  • The Wily Battleship bears some resemblance to the title starships of the classic Japanese animes Space Battleship Yamato and Arcadia of my Youth.