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The Wily Castle that Dr. Wily uses in Mega Man 10, a Wily Castle which has a long tower at the top that goes to space. This castle has five stages.


Wily Castle 1

The first Wily Castle stage. The player begins outside the castle on a rainy night. As soon as the player enters the castle, he is attacked by the first Weapons Archive, which consists of Thunder Beam, Leaf Shield and Gemini Laser.


Wily Castle 2

The second stage is an area with conveyor belts, spikes, pits and crushing mechanisms. There is an extra life hidden in Dr. Wily's mark above the boss shutter.


Wily Castle 3

Area with two elevators that can move left and right by pressing buttons and an underwater pump transport, the three with many spikes.


Wily Castle 4

The fourth stage, a long climb on stairs that end on a teleporter, where the player must face the eight bosses again before fighting against Dr. Wily.


Wily Castle 5



The last stage, the top of the Wily Castle in space.


Other media

Wily Castle appears in Rockman 10 -Extra F-.



  • Because of the Wily Castle's top reaching beyond the atmosphere, this Wily Castle is technically the first Orbital Elevator in the overall series, predating the Jakob Orbital Elevator from Mega Man X8.
  • The first Wily Castle stage contains different tiles resembling previous bosses scattered around the junk, suggesting that they were scrapped. The tiles include the four Dark Man robots, the four Spike Pushers, Picopico-kun, and an unidentified orb-like object.

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